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Alkmaar Cheese Market in The Netherlands

No country is as famous with its cheese as the Netherlands is! Don't miss your chance to try out all the different cheeses available regionally in one place now

Alkmaar Cheese Market
Alkmaar Cheese Market

Every Friday from April to September at 10 o'clock in the morning you have a wonderful opportunity to see the cheese as it was created centuries ago. The different guilds and professions, now long forgotten, are coming to life with the beautiful and tasty spectacle. About 2,200 cheeses weighing around 30,000 kilograms are presented at Waagplein square in Alkmaar the way they used to be presented back in 1365! The square is famous ​since it was the only place where you could find weights and thus was central to city's life. Stroll around the stall on your own, or book a tour, in any case this is experience shouldn't be missed!

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