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Yak Milk Specialities

Health-boosting "aarul," "urum" cream, Mongolian butter, soft kefir yogurt, and cheese—all from yak's milk


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Apparently, our grannies were right when they repeatedly told us to eat dairy products for strong and healthy teeth. Yak's milk appears to be particularly helpful, and yak milk products constitute a great part of the Mongolian summer diet; therefore, nomads can perfectly do without dentists. Actually, famous "aaruul" is believed to be the most useful. This is curdled yak's milk dried in the open air in the sun. Apart from aarul, yak's milk is used to make a variety of other delicious dairy specialities, namely yak cheese, that makes great soups and curds, and also Mongolian butter, and the so-called "urum," which is a sort of thick cream. The delicacies are available mainly from May through September.

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