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Wild Flowers

Delicate flowers add liveliness and color to seemingly barren Arctic's Nordic fields


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As spring comes to Norway, Arctic wildflowers pop up everywhere: arctic Willow, Moss Campion, Sedum, Draba, Svalbard Poppy, Arctic Chickweed, Snow Buttercup, and Tufted Saxifrage.

The greatest saxifrage beds are found in Svalbard Archipelago. Such species as spiked snow-grass, Svalbard poppy, and sulfur-colored buttercup are also abundant in Svalbard during the summer. Cottongrass and other wildflowers can be spotted in Longyearbyen along Adventfjorden, on the west side of Spitsbergen. The fields of wildflowers are abundant on Bear Island, the southernmost island of the Svalbard archipelago.

One of the best sites to enjoy flowery wilderness is the Lofoten Islands. In some villages, like Reine for instance, flowers bloom even on the grass roofs of houses, which are typical for Nordic lands. Their ability to regulate the temperature inside the building during cold winters and warm summers is an amazing advantage to have! Also, check out Horseid beach in Moskenesøy, meadows in Flakstadøy, and Ramberg Beach on the north side of Flakstad for beautiful wildflowers in June and July.

On the mainland, the Sognefjellet Mountain Road (Route 55) is an excellent destination to spot wildflowers. The road passes beautiful landscapes of Skjolden and the Jotunheimen National Park. Mørkridsdalen Valley, near Skjolden, is rich with rare flowers and vegetation.

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