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Tea Growing Season

Kenya is one of the best tea growing regions with a swirl of volcanic taste.

Tea Growing Season in Kenya 2019 - Best Time
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Neil Palmer / CIAT

Astride the equator, with 1500 and 2700 metres above the sea level, Kenyan highland tea plantations are situated on both sides of Great Rift Valley, including areas around Mt. Kenya, Mau escarpment, Nandi and Kisii Highlands and the Aberdares. The harvest can be collected all year round, but the peak times coincide with the rain seasons, giving the tea its renown freshness and edge. This invigorating drink is a favourite for Kenyans. They love it with plenty of sugar and milk, the style called Chai. Visit the tea farms around Mt. Kenya for the most spectacular sights, or take a tour to Limuru Tea farm, just outside Nairobi, to see the process of making tea while enjoying your walk in beautiful tea gardens.

Tea Growing Season in Kenya - Best Season 2019
Best time for Tea Growing Season in Kenya 2019
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