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Best season to travel to Canary Islands

Lanzarote Volcanic Vineyards

The easternmost of the Canary Islands strikes by its moon-like landscape and unexpectedly lush vineyards


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Black volcanic soils of Lanzarote seem an unlikely place for growing grapes. However, the island is well-known for its excellent wine. The method invented by Lanzarote farmers is unique in the world since the grapes grow in holes dug in the volcanic ash. Lanzarote is also the first place in Europe to welcome grape harvest in July.

You can start your wine tour in picturesque La Geria, where most grapes get harvested, and then move to Teguise, the ancient capital of Lanzarote, and Tinajo, the town with the most vineyards. The island is full of Natural Parks and museums where​ you can learn about its unique origin, history, and agricultural method.

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