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Tea Plantations and Pulled Tea in Malaysia

Black, green, Oolong, teh tarik—try various sorts of tea in Malaysia

Best time: February–March | August–September

Tea Plantations and Pulled Tea
Tea Plantations and Pulled Tea
Tea Plantations and Pulled Tea
Tea Plantations and Pulled Tea

Even though Malaysia isn't the biggest tea producer in Asia, its tea culture is quite impressive. Especially if you visit Cameron Highlands and try some teh tarik.

Teh tarik means pulled tea, which originates from the actual preparation process of this drink. Black tea is mixed with condensed milk several times, and the greater the distance between mixing vessels, the better teh tarik tastes! Pulled tea is extremely popular in Malaysia and Singapore. You can find lots of street vendors who try to attract tourists with their skills of pulling tea. Moreover, there are occasional competitions, where each tea maker tries to reach the furthest distance without spilling even a drop.

The Cameron Highlands region is considered the largest tea growing region, and is called the "Green Bowl" of Malaysia due to the various greenery cultivated there, including tea, roses, and strawberries. The Boh tea plantation is the biggest in Southeast Asia. The entire harvest from the plantation is processed at a nearby factory and can be tried right there.

The favorable climate of this region allows tea harvesting all year round. Thus, almost once per month after new shoots flush, workers start collecting tea leaves. But, if you want to see other attractions in the Cameron Highlands, you'd better plan your trip for February-March, when the rain is less strong and you can still see magnificent waterfalls and enjoy the foggy spirit of mossy forests. August-September is also great as the temperatures are moderate and some hiking can be done.

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What is teh tarik, and where can it be found in Malaysia?

Malaysia and Singapore are known for pulled tea, a sweet creamy drink, known as teh tarik. The process involves mixing black tea with condensed milk and pouring it back and forth between two containers, aerating it in the process. Teh tarik can be found in Malaysia and Singapore at street vendors throughout, especially in the region known as Cameron Highlands. Show more

What is the Cameron Highlands region known for besides tea?

Cameron Highlands is famous for its greenery and cool climate, in addition to its tea plantations. It is often referred to as the 'Green Bowl' of Malaysia because it features a wide variety of greenery, including roses and strawberries. Mossy forests, waterfalls, and hiking trails are other popular attractions drawing tourists to the area. Show more

When is the best time to visit the Cameron Highlands to see waterfalls and experience the mossy forests?

February and March offer the best times to visit the Cameron Highlands to experience mossy forests and waterfalls. During this time, rains are less intense, and the forest's foggy atmosphere can still be enjoyed. February and March boast moderate temperatures, making it perfect for outdoor activities such as trekking and hiking. Show more

What is the biggest tea plantation in Southeast Asia?

Cameron Highlands is home to the Boh tea plantation, the largest in Southeast Asia. The region's climatic conditions favor tea cultivation, enabling the plantation to produce tea leaves throughout the year. The plantation's harvest is processed in nearby factories, and tourists can learn about the tea-making process and taste the tea during their visit. Show more

Are there tea-making competitions in Malaysia?

Malaysia hosts tea-making competitions where competitors compete to see how far they can pull tea without spilling it. These events are unique and fun experiences of Malaysia's tea culture, attracting many visitors globally. Researching ahead to know when and where these competitions are held would significantly boost the experience. Show more

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