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Patras Carnival 2024 in Greece

A month-long Greek style fiesta in the city of Patras

Dates: January 17-March 18, 2024

Patras Carnival

Unlike other Greek festivals, the Patras Carnival doesn't have pagan roots and was adopted from Italy. Since the 19th century, the carnival has grown from a small ball to the biggest fiesta in Greece, involving nearly a million participants yearly from mid-January through Clean Monday, falling in February/March.

The program of Patras Carnival consists of parades, dance shows, concerts, and treasure games. The month of fun culminates during the last weekend of Carnival. You must behold the vibes of the Saturday evening parade featuring splendid carnival groups. Another unmissable event is the Sunday parade of extravagantly draped floats and groups. But the most spectacular part must be setting the Carnival King puppet on fire and letting it float into the sea. This performance traditionally takes place at the St. Nikolaos Street pier.

Though Patras Carnival has a fixed agenda, including the opening ceremony, the children's carnival, the treasure hunt game, Saturday night parade, Sunday Grand parade, and a closing ceremony, the festivities are largely about spontaneity and improvisation, as well as inspiration and volunteerism. Come to improvise yourself and make life-long memories. For your convenience, consider booking a stay somewhere nearby the epicenter of the action.

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