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Carnevale Ambrosiano di Milano or simply Milan Carnival is a very special occasion for locals. The festival follows the Ambrosian Rite and is usually celebrated one week after the world famous Venice Carnival (usually, mid-to-late February or early March).

Ambrosian Carnival in Milan - Best Season 2020

The festivities culminate on Saturday. Unlike the rest of Italy, instead of "fat Tuesday", Milan has "fat Saturday". There is a legend that explains the timing of this particular Carnival. The bishop of Milan, Sant Ambrogio, was out of the city on a religious pilgrimage, which is why it was decided that the celebration of Carnevale Ambrosiano would wait until the patron was back.

Best time for Ambrosian Carnival in Milan 2020

The main place to discover Carnevale Milano is at Piazza Duomo and the surrounding areas. Milan Carnival offers plenty of amusement, parades with cute costumes, concerts, street performances, music, and dances. The main parade includes jugglers, clowns, and pantomimes and is always held on Saturday. Its route features Palestro, Piazza San Babila, Corso Europa, Piazza Fontana, and Piazza Beccaria.

Best time to see Ambrosian Carnival in Milan 2020
Best time for Ambrosian Carnival 2020
Best time to see Ambrosian Carnival 2020

Every year, the Carnival has its own unusual theme with plenty of interesting things to see and explore. While you're there, don't forget to try Italian chiacchiere—crispy strips of dough covered with honey or chocolate!

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