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Carnaval de Mazatenango 2024

Eggshells, confetti, and lots of fun make Сarnaval en Guatemala unique

Dates: February 10–18, 2024

Carnaval de Mazatenango

If you come to Guatemala during the carnival season, you can see people buying painted eggshells known as "cascarones". The eggshells are then filled with confetti and get smashed against someones’ head. This is a very popular carnival tradition among school pupils and teenagers. Many of them also wear costumes and throw confetti on each other at school.

The Carnival, which is usually celebrated on Fat Tuesday, is filled with music, dances, and joy. The biggest celebration takes place in the city of Mazatenango and is also called Carnaval Mazateco or Carnaval de Mazate. It features several parades, rodeos, beauty pageants, live music, and huge parties. The highlights also include the crowning of the Queen of Carnival, Carrera del Conejo, social dances, a food festival, an altar competition, a horse parade, and Noche española. Most events take place at the main square of Mazatenango. The festivities start on the Saturday before Fat Tuesday and run for over a week.

The Mazatenango Carnival in Guatemala was established in 1885. Initially, it was a celebration of the Virgin of Candelaria that was held in the central square. Today the central park is the main venue for festivities. In Guatemala City, there are smaller parades at Paseo de la Sexta and Paseo Cayalá.

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