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​Bonefishing in Cuba

Catch the most shiny and strong fish off the fascinating Cuban coast

Best time: February–July

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Bonefish is one of the most fascinating fish species you can find. The very look of it makes an unforgettable impression reminding of a fairy-tale fish. Its colour may vary depending on the water where it lives, but usually, it's silverish. Bonefish enjoy swimming in both large groups and individually, and the best way to find them is to search around the shallow waters along the Cuban coast. Although bonefish is available all year round, the best time for fishing would be from February until July. So, if you are ready to catch​ the biggest and most amazing fish ​you've ever seen, head over for Cuba!

Hunting on bonefish will be more than successful in Cayo Largo, Cayo Cruz, Isla de Juventud, Jardines de la Reina, or Cayo Santa Maria

Practical info

Where can one catch bonefish in Cuba?

Cuba offers some of the best bonefish fishing spots worldwide. The most popular destinations for bonefishing include Cayo Largo, Cayo Cruz, Isla de Juventud, Jardines de la Reina, and Cayo Santa Maria. At these locations, one can find bonefish in the shallow waters, and experienced anglers can challenge themselves while beginners can develop their skills. Show more

What is the ideal time for bonefishing in Cuba?

The best period to go bonefishing in Cuba is from February to July. During this time, the water is clear and warm, which attracts bonefish to the shallow flats. These creatures feed on small crabs and shrimps, among others. Fishing during this time guarantees you a chance to catch some of the biggest and strongest bonefish Cuba has to offer. Show more

What is the size range of bonefish caught in Cuba?

Cuba's shallow flats are home to massive bonefish, with an average weight of four to six pounds and some exceeding ten pounds. These fish are known for their strength and are a challenge for experienced anglers. Catching a bonefish of this size guarantees you an adrenaline rush, and you should carry a camera to capture the moment. Show more

Is bonefishing in Cuba for experienced anglers only?

Cuba's bonefishing is renowned for being a challenging activity, and thus it caters to both experienced and beginner anglers. A seasoned guide is necessary to help catch bonefish, especially for beginners. Additionally, beginners can undertake shorter trips and visit locations with a higher chance of catching fish. Show more

Are there regulations for bonefishing in Cuba?

Fishing permits are necessary before embarking on a bonefishing trip in Cuba. The permit cost is about 500 CUC for ten days, and the number and types of fishing gear allowed are subject to regulations. These rules guarantee environmental preservation and protect fish species such as sea turtles. Hence practices such as spearfishing, net fishing, and harvesting sea turtles are prohibited. Show more

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