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Best time to visit French Polynesia

Deep Sea Fishing

Discover deep sea fishing in the open Pacific Ocean and enjoy fabulous views of the islands

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In Polynesia, you can go fishing in the open Pacific on a well-equipped boat in a company of professional fishermen who will share skills and assist you in a great catch. Local waters are rich in tuna, barracudas, blue spearfish, swordfish, dolphin-fish or mahi-mahi, and others. No matter how many fish you catch, you will have to throw it back into the sea. This is the rule of sea fishing here. Although there is an exception to this rule: wounded fish can be divided between the fishermen.

Although fishing is available year-round, it's too slow in winter months when the water is the coolest. Generally, 9 months from October to June are praised for the most convenient fishing conditions. Some of the best fishing grounds are located off Moorea, Bora Bora, and generally Society Islands.

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