Best time to visit French Polynesia

Deep Sea Fishing in French Polynesia

Discover deep sea fishing in the open Pacific Ocean and enjoy fabulous views of the islands

Best time: October–June

Deep Sea Fishing
Deep Sea Fishing
Deep Sea Fishing

In Polynesia, you can go fishing in the open Pacific on a well-equipped boat in a company of professional fishermen who will share skills and assist you in a great catch. Local waters are rich in tuna, barracudas, blue spearfish, swordfish, dolphin-fish or mahi-mahi, and others. No matter how many fish you catch, you will have to throw it back into the sea. This is the rule of sea fishing here. Although there is an exception to this rule: wounded fish can be divided between the fishermen.

Although fishing is available year-round, it's too slow in winter months when the water is the coolest. Generally, 9 months from October to June are praised for the most convenient fishing conditions. Some of the best fishing grounds are located off Moorea, Bora Bora, and generally Society Islands.

Practical info

When is a suitable time to go deep sea angling in French Polynesia?

Between October and June, the weather conditions are favorable for deep-sea fishing in French Polynesia, attracting more fish due to the warm water temperature. However, fishing is inaccessible in the winter months when the waters become cold. Show more

Which areas in French Polynesia are perfect for fishing?

The Society Islands encompassing Moorea and Bora Bora are examples of ideal fishing areas for deep-sea fishing in French Polynesia. With shallow surrounding lagoons and deep waters, it provides massive aquatic life for fishermen to catch. Besides, the Pacific Ocean is an excellent fishing environment. Most marinas in French Polynesia offer charter fishing activities. Show more

What fish kinds can people expect to discover in French Polynesia waters?

Tuna, barracudas, swordfish, mahi-mahi, and blue spearfish are examples of some fish categories that fishermen can catch in French Polynesia waters. The seas adjacent to French Polynesia are abundant with marine life, providing endless fishing opportunities to catch different kinds of fish. Fishing tour operators can provide details about which fish is in season during a particular period. Show more

What is the range of duration for deep-sea fishing trips in French Polynesia?

Fishing charters typically range from four to eight hours, depending on the tour provider, budget, and other factors. Additionally, there are full-day fishing trips that can last up to 12 hours, or even overnight excursions into the neighboring waters of French Polynesia for those seeking an extended experience. Show more

Are there any limitations regarding what fishermen can do with their catch?

Considering the Polynesian culture's belief in sustainable fishing practices, the ocean, which they consider sacred, has some restrictions. It's obligatory to return uninjured fish to the water. However, if the fish is wounded, it may be kept, but the captain and crew should share it with the fisherman. Individual fishing guides will provide more details on specific regulations to adhere to while fishing. Show more

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