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Fishing in Barbados 2025

Buy some fresh catch at a local fish market or book a fishing charter for a more personal experience

Best time: January–April (deep sea fishing) | December–May (shore fishing)

Fishing in Barbados

Barbados is an excellent destination to enjoy fishing. Thanks to warm tropical waters, the island boasts over 500 fish species. Yet the most targeted ones include barracuda, dolphin fish (mahi mahi or dorado), wahoo, tuna, and blue and white marlin. The best thing is you don't need a fishing license to enjoy game fishing in Barbados. So anyone with a passion for the rod and reel can treat themselves to a unique angling adventure. Sportfishing season is in full swing between January and April, but you'll find some opportunities year-round.

Barbados fishing charters

The most convenient way to experience the fishing season in Barbados is to book a private fishing charter. Fishing operators offer both deep sea fishing and coastal trips. Usually, a fishing tour includes transportation along with equipment and some food and refreshments. And licensed guides have excellent knowledge of local waters and fishing techniques. You can find multiple Barbados fishing charters available for online booking.

Deep sea fishing in Barbados (best in January–April)

Most anglers seek deep sea fishing trips to hook a dream catch, such as billfish, wahoo, kingfish, or mahi mahi. With the deep waters close to the shore, you spend only minutes getting there and have more time for the fishing itself. But certain species, such as marlin, require traveling a bit further offshore. Most charters depart from the capital of Bridgetown. The average cost is £75 per person per hour, and the trips typically run for four or eight hours. So you can choose a half-day or all-day adventure. A fishing boat normally accommodates up to five anglers.

Shore fishing in Barbados (best in December–May)

Sometimes you don't have to leave the shore for an unforgettable fishing experience. Shore fishing in Barbados is possible along almost all 49 mi (79 km) of its coastline, except some cliffs. Fishing from the shore is all about the weather—the prime time is December through May, thanks to fewer storms at sea. The two most popular spots are Holetown and Speightstown on the west coast. You can try spot and fly fishing to hook some bonefish, permit, tarpon, and barracuda. Also, bottom fishing is great for catching snappers, groupers, and even sharks. To increase the odds, go fishing when the tide is coming.

Barbados fish markets

If you're more into savoring the fish rather than angling, head to local fish markets in Bridgetown and Oistins. Fishers bring their catch in the late afternoon or evening. One of the best places to feast on fresh fish in Barbados is the Oistins Fish Fry.

Map of fishing in Barbados

Lastly, have a look at the map of the top fishing sites in Barbados. Perhaps, you'd like to book accommodations somewhere nearby. Planning in advance always pays off.

Practical info

When is the best time to catch fish in Barbados?

The peak season for sportfishing, which offers the best chance to catch billfish, wahoo, kingfish, and mahi-mahi, is from January to April. Barbados, however, offers year-round fishing opportunities. Show more

How can I book a Barbados fishing charter and what is the cost?

There are various Barbados fishing charters you can reserve online that offer deep sea and coastal fishing, starting at about £75 per hour per person, with trips lasting four to eight hours. The package includes equipment, refreshments, and transportation from the tourist centre, Bridgetown. Show more

What are the commonly caught fish species in Barbados?

Barbados has more than 500 types of fish, but the popular catches include blue and white marlin, tuna, wahoo, barracuda, and dolphin fish or dorado (mahi-mahi). You don't need a fishing license to enjoy it, and the experience suits all levels of anglers. Show more

Where are the top locations for shore fishing in Barbados?

You can enjoy shore fishing in Barbados on all except for its cliffy 49mi (79km) coastline from December to May. West coast fishing hotspots include Holetown and Speightstown, with fishing styles like spot and fly fishing for permit, tarpon, and more, and bottom fishing for sharks, groupers, and snappers. Show more

Which Barbados local fish markets are the best source of fresh fish?

For authentic, locally sourced fish in Barbados, head to the Oistins Fish Fry where the day's fresh catch is brought in by the fishermen late in the afternoon or evening. Bridgetown and Oistins have additional fish markets, with both offering the freshest fish available in Barbados. Show more

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