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Best time to visit Barbados

Snorkeling in Barbados

The shallow reefs of Barbados are perfect for family-friendly snorkeling


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Sandy beaches and shallow waters make snorkeling in Barbados suitable for beginners and children. In addition, the reefs close to the shore are home to some amusing underwater inhabitants, such as barracudas, squids, and parrotfish.

Best snorkeling in Barbados

For the best snorkeling experience, avoid the hurricane season. Instead, opt for March and June, praised for calm water, a pleasant sea breeze, and dry weather. Also, choose unpopular hours, early morning or afternoon, to skip tourist crowds.

Best snorkeling beaches in Barbados

Barbados's most famous snorkeling spot is Carlisle Bay, known for its sunken ships and well-developed infrastructure. Next, Worthing Beach is one of the favorite places for turtle snorkeling in Barbados. Finally, Paynes Bay is an excellent choice for those who want to swim with a snorkel and taste freshly caught fish afterward. All locations and accommodation options are presented on the map below.

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