Best time to visit Barbados

Snorkeling in Barbados

The shallow reefs of Barbados are perfect for family-friendly snorkeling

Best time: March–June

Sandy beaches and shallow waters make snorkeling in Barbados suitable for beginners and children. In addition, the reefs close to the shore are home to some amusing underwater inhabitants, such as barracudas, squids, and parrotfish.

Best snorkeling in Barbados

For the best snorkeling experience, avoid the hurricane season. Instead, opt for March and June, praised for calm water, a pleasant sea breeze, and dry weather. Also, choose unpopular hours, early morning or afternoon, to skip tourist crowds.

Best snorkeling beaches in Barbados

Barbados's most famous snorkeling spot is Carlisle Bay, known for its sunken ships and well-developed infrastructure. Next, Worthing Beach is one of the favorite places for turtle snorkeling in Barbados. Finally, Paynes Bay is an excellent choice for those who want to swim with a snorkel and taste freshly caught fish afterward. All locations and accommodation options are presented on the map below.

Practical info

When is the best time for snorkeling in Barbados?

Snorkeling in Barbados is best between March and June when the weather is dry, the water is calm, and there are fewer tourists. This is also when the water visibility is optimal, making it a perfect time to explore the underwater world. Snorkeling during hurricane season, which is between June and October, is not recommended. Show more

Which are the most popular snorkeling beaches in Barbados?

The top three snorkeling beaches in Barbados include Carlisle Bay, Worthing Beach, and Paynes Bay. Carlisle Bay is famous for its sunken ships, and it has excellent facilities. Worthing Beach is renowned for turtle snorkeling, and Paynes Bay is a great spot for catching sea anemones. All three offer ample opportunities for snorkeling and discovering underwater life. Show more

Where is Carlisle Bay, and what makes it a famous snorkelling spot?

Located on the south coast of Barbados' Bridgetown, Carlisle Bay is a well-known snorkeling site. The clear waters offer rich sea life, such as sea horses, eels, and rays. The area is home to six sunken ships, which attract snorkelers interested in exploring the area's secrets and marine life. Whether new or experienced to snorkeling, Carlisle Bay is a must-visit for anyone interested in exploring Barbados's beauty. Show more

What kinds of marine creatures can be seen while snorkeling in Barbados?

Snorkeling in Barbados is a delightful experience, allowing visitors to witness various marine life. Snorkelers can spot a diverse range of fish, including triggerfish, angelfish, moorish idols, and trumpetfish. Additionally, one can see turtles, coral reefs, and jellyfish. Snorkelers might also find barracudas, squids, parrotfish, seahorses, rays, and eels swimming around them. The underwater world of Barbados is full of wonder and excitement. Show more

Are there any restrictions on snorkeling in Barbados, such as needing a guide or permit?

Snorkeling in Barbados has no specific requirements. However, it is imperative to be cautious, particularly in areas with strong currents. To ensure the safety of non-swimmers, it is strongly suggested to go with snorkeling outfitters who offer guided tours, provide gear, and assist with navigating the waters. Barbados also has protected marine areas with applicable regulations to protect the natural habitat. Respect the environment and enjoy the underwater world of Barbados. Show more

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