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Fishing in Montenegro

Fishing in rapid mountain rivers or ​the crystal clear Adriatic Sea—you decide what's best!

Best time: May–September


Fishermen often call Montenegro the “Fishing Paradise of the Balkans” or an “Unexplored fishing oasis of Europe.” No wonder fishing has become one of the most popular activities during summer. There are several options for those who would like to try fishing. The best places are the Tara, Ljuca, Lim, Moraca Mrtvica, and Zeta rivers. The water is very clean, so one can try fly fishing for brown trout, salmon, wild hucho, grayling, and many other varieties of fish th​rou​ghout the country.

Another option is to try fishing at the sea. Unfortunately, there are no organized tours, but you can deal with local fishermen in Kotor, Tivat, Herceg Novi or other towns on the Adriatic coast. Share the boat with local fisherman and share a dinner with them after the day at the sea followed by a couple of shots of rakia (national alcoholic drink).

Practical info

What are some good rivers in Montenegro for fishing?

There are several rivers in Montenegro that are great for fishing. Tara, Ljuca, Lim, Moraca, Mrtvica, and Zeta are some of the best spots. Tara river is the most popular among fishermen, given its clear waters and abundant fish life, including brown trout, grayling, salmon, and many other varieties. Ljuca river is also well-known for its similar fish variety. Show more

What kinds of fish can be caught while fly-fishing in Montenegro?

If you go fly-fishing in Montenegro's rivers, you will find many fish varieties, including brown trout, grayling, salmon, and wild hucho. Fly-fishing in the country's clear waters is a pleasant experience, and the serene ambiance remains undisturbed by the crowds. Fishing in Montenegro's rivers is an opportunity to catch several kinds of fish and also enjoy the surrounding scenic beauty. Show more

Are there any organized fishing tours along the Adriatic coast in Montenegro?

Unfortunately, there are no organized fishing tours available along the Adriatic coast in Montenegro. However, you can rent boats from local fishermen residing in Kotor, Tivat, and Herceg Novi to go fishing in the nearby sea. You can make arrangements with them for a fishing trip. It is also a great way to get first-hand experience of the locals' knowledge and socialize with them. Show more

When is the best time to go fishing in Montenegro?

May to September is the ideal time for fishing in Montenegro. The warm weather and suitable water conditions make it the perfect season for fishing. During July and August, the peak tourist season, there may be heavy crowds. However, fishing during the remaining months lets you avoid the crowds, providing a more personal fishing experience. Show more

Which restaurants in Montenegro serve freshly caught fish?

Kod Lerasa is an excellent seafood restaurant in Kotor where you can savor fresh fish, squid, and shellfish. In Tivat, Konoba More is highly recommended for its traditional fish dishes. Forza Mare Restaurant in Dobrota is famous for its friendly staff, eclectic menu, and reasonable prices. All three restaurants serve traditional Montenegrin seafood recipes that use fresh fish caught by local fishermen. Show more

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