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Fishing in Crete

If you are a sea and nature fan, don't miss this chance to enjoy fishing during your vacation in Crete

Best time: all year round


Crete is famous for its variety of fish. The coastline of Crete is over 1,000 km long and fishing is available all around the island. Malia is considered to be one of the best fishing spots. It's a small waterside town located in the Heraklion region. Owing to perfect air pressure, fishing there is popular all year-round. Also, lots of fishing towns are located in the Chania region, Lasithi region, Heraklion region, Rethymno region, and others. Crete provides lots of fishing activities: you can enjoy sea fishing near the harbour, fishing from the shore, fly fishing, underwater fishing, or just enjoy fishing while sitting on the beach.

You can catch different types of fish, like small red scorpionfish, flathead mullet, tuna, boops boops, pearly razorfish, and amberjack. The most suitable bait for fishing is shrimp or bait made from dough and cheese. Also, keep in mind if you plan to go fishing in Crete, you need to have a special license, but licensing laws in Crete aren't so strict for private fishermen. In case you want to go fishing on a boat, you definitely need to have your own license, but if you join a guided tour with locals, it means you don't need to have any special permission as the local person is responsible for it.

Fishing in Crete is available all year round. The most suitable time for sea fishing is the first half of the summer. The best time to catch tuna is during June-August, for amberjack—May-June. It's better to go fishing early in the morning or late afternoon closer to sunset. Also, abide the well-known rule—avoid fishing on hot and windless days.

Practical info

When should you fish for tuna and amberjack in Crete?

June to August is the best time for tuna, while amberjack fishing is in May-June, owing to the warm waters and plentiful fish. To make the most out of fishing, the ideal time can differ depending on place, weather, and season. Therefore, it's advisable to consult locals or tour guides for the best fishing spots and times. Show more

Which fish species are found in Crete's waters?

Crete's waters are home to various fish species, including small red scorpionfish, flathead mullet, tuna, boops boops, pearly razorfish, and amberjack. The types of fish available for catching may vary depending on the area and season. Locals recommend buying the right bait, such as shrimp, dough, and cheese, according to the fish species you intend to catch. Show more

Besides Malia, where else are the great fishing spots in Crete?

Apart from Malia, other fantastic fishing areas in Crete are Chania, Lasithi, and Rethymno. Each location offers unique characteristics, such as deep-sea or shoreline angling. The top fishing spots are typically located near underwater rocks, caves, or well-distributed water channels that attract a variety of fish species. Show more

Is a special license necessary for fishing in Crete?

If you're interested in fishing in Crete, you'd need a special license, though regulations for individual anglers in Crete aren't very tough. Joining locals on a guided tour eliminates the requirement for a special license since they are responsible for following licensing protocols and adhering to legal fishing limits. For solo trips, getting a license from the local authorities is recommended to prevent legal issues. Show more

What is the ideal time of day for fishing in Crete, and why?

Fishing is best conducted early in the morning or late in the afternoon, near sunset, when the weather is mild and favorable patterns exist, making for excellent fishing conditions and higher chances of catching fish. Fishing should be avoided during hot and windy days since it affects fish's activity levels by making them less likely to bite. Show more

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