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Olive Harvest in Crete

When visiting Crete during winter, witness and partake in the olive picking holidays

Olive Harvest
Olive Harvest
Olive Harvest

Greece is well-known for its olive oil production. Every year, it produces 350,000 tons of olive oil. It's the world’s third largest manufacturer. Green-grey olive trees occupy all of Crete. You can enjoy their beauty in Chania, Kolymvari, and many other places. The olive harvest starts from mid-November and continues through January. Olives are ready for picking when they turn purple or close to black.

There are lots of olive picking holidays for tourists in Crete. It's a good chance to discover Greek culture and enjoy local traditions. Also, you can go on excursions, discover old olive mills, visit olive oil producers, and have a picnic among olive trees. What is more, you can learn how to make your own olive oil.

Don't miss a chance to take part in the olive harvest, try ripe olives, and buy extra virgin olive oil in the local stores during your vacations in Crete.

Practical info

When is the best time to visit Crete to witness the olive harvest?

To witness the olive harvest in Crete, tourists should visit from mid-November to January. This is when the olives are ripe and ready for pickling. Many olive picking holidays are arranged during this season, offering visitors the opportunity to experience Greek culture and customs. Show more

Where are some of the best places to witness the olive trees in Crete?

Crete boasts stunning locations to witness the beauty of olive trees. Some of the notable places include Chania, Kolymvari among others. Visitors can visit these locations and be captivated by the trees and participate in the olive harvest, while also discovering local customs and Greek culture. Show more

How can tourists take part in the olive picking holidays in Crete?

To take part in olive picking holidays in Crete, tourists can join organized tours by tour operators. These tours include visits to old olive mills, olive oil manufacturers, and picnics amongst the olive trees. Not to mention the chance to produce their own olive oil, and learn about Greek culture and customs. Show more

What other activities can tourists enjoy during the olive harvest season?

Tourists visiting Crete during the olive harvest season can have a delightful experience with a range of activities at their disposal. They can enjoy olive oil tastings, visit local olive mills and factories, take cooking classes, and witness the olive oil production process. Additionally, they can choose to take part in sports activities and explore the neighboring areas while sampling local cuisine and drinks. Show more

How can tourists learn how to make their own olive oil during their visit to Crete?

Visitors can learn how to produce their own olive oil on a guided tour in Crete. The tour includes visits to old olive mills to watch how the oil is produced. Workshops are available where tourists can learn how to make their own olive oil from picking olives to the final product. Additionally, they can take cooking classes to learn how to cook dishes using olive oil and enjoy the Greek culture and customs. Show more

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