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Try stuffed olives called "zebbug mimli," a lovely snack at every Maltese festive occasion


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You just can not help but notice a large number of olive trees while being in Malta. The Olive trees are extensively cultivated, and nowadays they have become a part of the Maltese landscape. They grow everywhere; the olives and olive oil acquired from them even used to be exported to other countries.

As usual, olives are ripe by October. They generally become blackish-purple or copper brown when fully ripe. Each kind differs from another by its size, shape, oil-content, and flavour. Several varieties of olive trees are grown solely for the production of olive oil. The Maltese people use olives as snack or appetiser usually by stuffing them. Such stuffed olives are called zebbug mimli. They can be found at nearly every festive occasion. They can be served by themselves or with some cheese and salami for a lovely little meze. In Malta, olives season lasts from September to November.

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