Best season to travel to Tuscany

Olive Harvest

Live the life of a Tuscan farmer participating in traditional harvest activities

Olive Harvest in Tuscany 2019 - Best Time
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Olive oil is often called the liquid gold of Tuscany. During the harvest time you can see or participate in all the activities, spend a few days at a farm, and get the full experience of rural Tuscan life. Unlike other Mediterranean areas where olive harvest begins normally in November, in Florence olives are gathered starting from late September. The harvest peaks till late December.

Olive Harvest in Tuscany - Best Season 2019
Best time for Olive Harvest in Tuscany 2019

All olives gathered at a farm are pressed at a communal mill (frantoio). The atmosphere at the mill during the harvest is usually festive and full of joy. It's a great chance to socialize with local farmers and find out more about farming in the region.

Best time to see Olive Harvest in Tuscany 2019

After the first litres of fresh olive oil are prodeced the region holds numerous festivals where visitors can try and purchase oil from the new harvest.

Best time for Olive Harvest 2019

Traditional fettunta—bread with olive oil is a perfect snack of autumn.