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River Fishing in Greenland

When fish migrate up the rivers, Greenland begins a short and intense season for fishing

Best time: July–September

River Fishing
River Fishing
River Fishing

For hundreds of years, ​every summer anglers prepare their gear for a short season of arctic char fishing in Greenland's rivers. One of the best places for fishing in Greenland is the western part of the country around Sisimiut, Maniitsoq, and Kangerlussuaq where you'll find two dozen rivers full of char migrating from the sea to reproduce. An experienced fishing guide that knows this wilderness will help you to find the best places for both fly fishing and fishing with a spinner and get the most out of this challenging but fun and satisfying activity. All the destinations for char fishing in Greenland are usually only accessible from water or air. Also, note that you're required to have a fishing licence in this country, and you may only take fish that you can eat -- the rest of your catch has to be released. ​

Practical info

What are some of the destinations for arctic char fishing in Greenland?

The western part of Greenland, such as Sisimiut, Maniitsoq, and Kangerlussuaq, have many rivers for arctic char fishing. These rivers have become popular due to the fish migrating there to reproduce, providing anglers with prime fishing spots. Finding the best spot for fly fishing and spinner fishing is much easier with a guide, ensuring that you make the most out of your fishing experience. Show more

When is the best time to plan a visit to Greenland for arctic char fishing?

The period from July to September offers the best chances to go arctic char fishing in Greenland since it's the season when they migrate towards their spawning grounds up the rivers. It is a short season that witnesses a large number of anglers visiting from different parts of the world for the perfect catch. Whether for the experience or the challenge, one shouldn't miss this once in a lifetime opportunity. Show more

How can we access remote arctic char fishing destinations in Greenland?

Reaching the remote locations in Greenland can be a challenging task since most locations are only accessible through air or water. You can book a private charter or join a group for a boat ride or a flight to these remote locations. It's vital to make necessary arrangements well beforehand and ensure that all essential equipment accompanies you since the remoteness of these locations limits access from nearby facilities. Show more

What are the most popular fishing techniques for catching arctic char in Greenland?

The two techniques most commonly used to catch arctic char are fly fishing and spinner fishing. Fly fishing is suitable for catching surface rising char, whereas spinner fishing is the go-to method for retrieving char in deeper water. An experienced fishing guide can suggest suitable options for different locations and weather conditions to maximize the chances of securing a successful catch. Show more

Is possessing a fishing license mandatory when fishing in the rivers of Greenland?

To fish in Greenland's rivers, one has to acquire a fishing license from the government or the fishing guide. It's crucial to note that any catch must be consumed, and all the other fish caught should be released back into the river to preserve the delicate ecosystem's balance. Make sure to follow the fishing regulations and guidelines set by the Greenlandic government to enjoy fishing while maintaining the ecosystem's stability. Show more

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