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Flamingoes in Ulcinj in Montenegro

Salinas near Ulcinj became the home for hundreds of flamingos. Come and see for yourself!

Flamingoes in Ulcinj
Flamingoes in Ulcinj

Not only Skadar Lake in Montenegro is famous for being a settlement for various species of birds. Hundreds of flamingos have found a home at Salinas near the town of Ulcinj, which is located in the south of Montenegro. You can observe them during the whole year, but the best time to do so is spring since then flamingos are the most active because of the breeding season.

These elegant birds are considered one of the most beautiful in the world: their pale pink feathers and thin red legs are so charming that you just can't stop watching them. Pink flamingos standing in blue water with a background of mist​y Montenegrin mountains is an amazing view, so bring your camera.

Practical info

When can flamingos be seen in Ulcinj, Montenegro?

Flamingos can be observed throughout the year in Ulcinj, Montenegro. The best time to see them is during spring due to their active behavior during the breeding season, which starts in April and ends in early June. Visiting during this period increases the chance of seeing more flamingos. Show more

What is the location of flamingo habitat in Ulcinj, Montenegro?

Situated south of Ulcinj, Montenegro, the Salinas area is where flamingos habitat can be found. The area consists of canals, sand dunes, and small lakes which are rich in fish and sea plants - the primary source of flamingo's nutrition. The Salinas Lagoon is a protected area where visitors must ensure to follow the reserve's regulations when observing the birds. Show more

How can one get to the Salinas area from Ulcinj, Montenegro?

The Salinas area where the flamingos are located is approximately 4 kilometers away from Ulcinj, Montenegro. You can reach Salinas by using a mode of transportation, such as a car, public transport, or on foot. Parking is available at the entrance of the Salinas reserve and takes about an hour's walk from Ulcinj. Show more

What is the breeding season of flamingos in Montenegro?

Flamingos in Montenegro breed from April to early June, during which they display various courtship rituals such as head-flagging, wing-raising, and vocalizing. They form colonies for breeding and create their nests from mud, which can be viewed in shallow waters. Once the breeding season ends, they migrate to different areas. Show more

What other bird species can be seen in Montenegro aside from flamingos?

Aside from flamingos, Montenegro is home to various bird species, making it a bird-watchers' paradise. Skadar Lake National Park is the most popular destination for bird-watching, boasting more than 250 bird species. Some of the species which can be seen around Montenegro include the Dalmatian pelican, the pygmy cormorant, the white-tailed eagle, the little bittern, and the grey heron. For avid bird watchers, it is worth visiting the Prokletije Mountains and the Adriatic coast as well. Show more

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