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Best time of year to visit Hawaii

The periods from April to May and September to October are considered to be the best time to visit Hawaii—the islands are not that crowded, the weather is mild and the hotel rates are quite affordable. Spring brings stunning sunsets at Haleakala summit, Lahaina noon phenomenon, and perfect days for a beach vacation. Even though summertime in Hawaii is subjected to storms and lots of families with school kids, it is the best season for water activities like snorkelling, diving with sharks, sailing, and kayaking. Balmy early fall will treat you with exotic fruits and Kona coffee harvest. Yet non-crowded early November is a good time to go surfing, especially north of Oahu island. When the high but rainy season kicks in with first weeks of December, be ready to deal with tourist crowds and to pay a fortune for your stay. However, if you choose December to March for your trip, you should visit the overwhelming Hawaii Volcanoes National Park or go watch magnificent Humpback Whales. Some of the must-attend Hawaii events are Merrie Monarch Festival in April, Lantern Floating Ceremony in May, and Aloha Festivals in September.


Laniakea or Turtle Beach

March–November • nature

A day on the beach with turtles—this is a perfect retreat Hawaiian style

Haleakala Sunrise and Sunset

March–May • nature

A magnificent sunrise and sunset at Haleakala summit among volcanic scenery will leave you breathless

Hiking Mauna Kea

April–November • activity

Do you want to climb the world's highest mountain?


All year • activity

America's first zipline appeared in Hawaii and the activity still remains one of the major attractions on the islands

Turtle Town in Maui

May–September • activity

A beautiful snorkel location with friendly Hawaiian sea turtles and a variety of colorful tropical fish

Kayaking and Canoeing

April–October • activity

Explore the amazing islands and bays from the water

Lahaina Noon

late May | mid-July • nature

An interesting solar position can be observed in various locations

Beach Season

March–May (all year round) • activity

A time to enjoy the most exotic beaches of Hawaii!

Spring and Autumn Surf Season

March–May | September–November • activity

Spring season in Hawaii is a good time to enjoy waves and master your surfing skills

Torch Lighting and Cliff Diving

All year • activity

A romantic and touching experience on Maui Island, unique to Hawaii

Diving with Sharks

April–September • activity

An extreme Hawaii experience and a great photo opportunity

Scuba Diving

May–September • activity

Explore picturesque lagoons, tunnels, reefs, and underwater canyons as well as the stunning marine life of the Hawaiian Islands​

Luau Party

All year • activity

A trip to Hawaii isn't complete without a traditional Hawaiian party

Weeping Wall or Blue Hole

All year • nature

The waterfalls are so much like tears pouring down green cheeks of Mount Waialeale, one of the wettest spots on Earth

Plumeria Blossom

April–August • nature

Plumeria flowers have become a symbol of Hawaii. Don't miss their beautiful bloom season


April–October • activity

Hawaii is one of the best destinations on Earth for snorkeling. The underwater life here is simply fantastic​

Hanauma Bay Nature Preserve

March–November • nature

If you've ever longed for a tropical paradise, Hanauma Bay is the place of your dreams


March–July • food

A delicious fruit that grows in many backyards in Hawaii

Jacaranda Tree Blooming

late April–mid-May • nature

A beautiful spectacle of Jacaranda trees blooming along the Haleakala slopes on Maui.

Kukaniloko Birthing Stones

April–October • nature

A Hawaiian Stonehenge on Oahu island

Sailing and Cruising

April–October • activity

Be prepared for some wave turbulence when cruising the Pacific


May–June • food

Try this sweet and juicy fruit with a short harvesting season

Yellowfin Tuna Fishing

May–September • activity

Hawaii is one of the few places in the world where you can still catch a 50 kg yellowfin tuna

Surinam Cherry

September–November | March–June • food

It doesn't look like a cherry at all, but the sour taste is somewhat close to one


Lantern Floating Hawaii

May 27, 2019 • event

A touching Buddhist custom attracts thousands of participants in Honolulu

Hawaii Volcanoes National Park

All year (best in November–March) • activity

A unique opportunity to see a volcano at work!

Merrie Monarch Festival

April 21–27, 2019 • event

One of the most colorful cultural events in Hawaii held to honour King David Kalakaua

Ironman World Championship

October 13, 2018 • event

Try yourself in one of the world's toughest races and prove that you really are made of ​steel. Notice, it's by qualification only!

Aloha Festivals

September 22, 2018 | September 29, 2018 • event

A dynamic celebration of Hawaiian culture and Aloha spirit

Kamehame​ha Day

June 11 • event

Time to commemorate the birth of the legendary king who united the Hawaiian islands

Winter Surf Season

November–March • activity

Hawaii is a surfer's paradise, especially in winter when it becomes a dynamic global surfing hot spot

Kona Coffee Blossom or 'Kona Snow'

February–March • nature

Witness the unique "Kona snow" of Hawaii during the blooming period of coffee trees

Moloka'i Hoe

October 07, 2018 • event

A popular and authentic Polynesian sport of canoe racing with hundreds of ​teams participating

Vans Triple Crown of Surfing

November 12–December 24, 2018 • event

Hawaii's top surfing competition for the best surfers in the world. A spectacular show for visitors!

Whale Watching

January–March • nature

A spectacular and moving show of whales with their babies cresting and breaching around your boat​​

Skiing and Snowboarding Mauna Kea

February–March • activity

It's not a joke. You really can ski and snowboard in Hawaii


December-February • nature

Hawaii is home to a number of rare birds and a great number of seabirds

Kona Surf Film Festival

January (TBA) 2019 • event

If you think that movies and surfing belong to different worlds, think twice and head to the Kona Surf Film Festival

Kona Coffee Harvest

August–February • activity

Try one of the world's most famous coffees and participate in its harvesting by hand

Pearl Harbor Day

December 07 • event

The historical site of Pearl Harbor on Oahu Island​, where the US was attacked by Japanese forces in 1941, has a lot to offer visitors

Great Pumpkin Festival

October 21–22, 2017 • event

Don't miss this event if you want to feel the real American Halloween atmosphere

Maui Film Festival

June 13–17, 2018 • event

Watching a movie right on the beach under a starry tropical sky. Sounds like a great festival experience,rig​ht?

Chinese New Year

February 05, 2019 • event

A street party in Honolulu with lots of great food, fun activities, and amazing fireworks

Moanalua Valley Trail to Haiku Stairs

June–October • activity

This staircase has nothing in common with a Japanese poetry genre

Ohi'a'ai or Mo​untain Apples

June–October • food

Try these exotic Hawaiian fruits which are absolutely delicious

Apple Bananas

June–October • food

Forget your supermarket bananas. Taste Hawaiian apple bananas for the first time


June–October • food

There are over 60 varieties of mango in Hawaii


January–April | June–August | October–November • food

This strange looking fruit is great for smoothies

Ginger Bread Village

December • event

A lovely Christmas tradition in a tropical paradise

Ka Moloka'i Makahiki Festival

January 26, 2019 • event

A great occasion to learn more about Hawaiian traditions and culture

Hawaii Food & Wine Festival

October 06–28, 2018 • event

Wash the scrumptious Hawaiian dishes down with the fine vibrant wine

50th State Fair

May 25–July 01, 2018 • event

An unusual state fair with plenty of local character

Honolulu Marathon

December 09, 2018 • event

26.2 Miles in Paradise—this marathon has to be remembered


October–March • food

A colourful and hairy fruit very popular in Hawaii


September–April • food

Even though avocado is not native to Hawaii, it's widely used in modern Hawaiian cuisine