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Weeping Wall or Blue Hole in Hawaii

The waterfalls are so much like tears pouring down green cheeks of Mount Waialeale, one of the wettest spots on Earth

Weeping Wall or Blue Hole
Weeping Wall or Blue Hole
Weeping Wall or Blue Hole
Weeping Wall or Blue Hole
Weeping Wall or Blue Hole

Weeping Wall is a name given to volcanic crater known as Waialeale Mountain, where "Waialeale" means “rippling water”. The mountain is the second highest point on the island of Kauai, and is known to be the second wettest area found on Earth.

Hardly ever does Waialeale see clear sky above,—heavy mists are there year-round, except only 20 sunny days a year. Maybe that's where tears come from. But seriously, the place is stunning, and mist only contributes to the mysterious atmosphere in this extremely green, and extremely humid oasis.

If you are willing to hike there, prepare to get really wet, as you'll have to cross a range of rivers. But the best way to observe waterfalls is from the seat of a helicopter, and not only because of better visibility, but also for the sake of your safety.

The area is not safe to roam around on your own because of frequent flash floods. There always will be some adventurous extremals determined to explore the site on foot, and it's cool no doubt. However, sometimes such an adventure turns out not funny. Owing to flash floods, hikers often get stranded and can be rescued by helicopters only. But even relying on that help is insecure, as cell phone reception is rather chancy in the basin.

Taking all that into consideration, we recommend booking a tour rather than venture in the floods. However, stubborn ones may be even encouraged by these warnings. Anyway, be careful.

High season is summer time, but also the third week of November around Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas season. Although, Mount Waialeale seems to be crying all year non-stop.

Practical info

When should you go to the Weeping Wall or Waialeale Mountain in Kauai?

The Weeping Wall and Waialeale Mountain are best visited in the summer. During the third week of November and the Christmas season are other popular times to visit. However, throughout the year, Mount Waialeale stands as one of the wettest locations in the world, often spurring rainy and humid conditions. It’s important to be prepared for outdoor activities in this wet environment. Show more

Where can you find the Weeping Wall?

You can locate the Weeping Wall, also known as the Waialeale Mountain, on Hawaii's island of Kauai. The mountain is the second-highest point on the island and one of the rainiest spots in the world. With lush green forests and stunning waterfalls, the Weeping Wall is a beautiful volcanic crater that you’ll enjoy visiting. Show more

What is the connection between Waialeale and the Weeping Wall?

Waialeale, a Hawaiian word meaning “rippling water,” describes the numerous rivers and streams flowing around the mountain, contributing to its stunning waterfalls and vegetation. The Weeping Wall is a volcanic crater found within Waialeale and is famous for the beauty of its falling “tears.” Travelers from around the world visit to witness the natural beauty that this area offers. Show more

What are the potential dangers when hiking in the area?

Hiking near the Weeping Wall is not suggested due to frequent flash floods. The region is humid all year, with mists that limit visibility. It’s best to view the falls from a helicopter to continue enjoying its beauty at a more reliable and safe distance. Nevertheless, for those set on hiking, booking a guided tour is recommended. Visitors often experience issues related to cell phone reception while in the basin, so adding guided support can maximize experience and safety. Show more

Are there safer alternatives to hiking in the area, and what benefits do they provide?

Helicopter tours offer improved visibility and safety for those wishing to observe the waterfalls of the Weeping Wall area, without hiking. Although some visitors believe hiking is more adventurous, this area is prone to flash floods that make this choice dangerous. Travelers looking to enjoy the natural beauty of the area without risking their safety should choose a helicopter tour. Show more

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