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Billabong Pro Pipeline 2023

One of the most stunning and dangerous surfing competitions

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The Billabong Pro Pipeline (former Billabong Pipe Masters) takes place every December at Banzai Pipeline in Oahu, Hawaii. The competition attracts the top 45 surfers from the World Surf League and 16 athletes who compete in walk-on trials. The Billabong Pipe Masters prize money reaches $525,000. The competition sums up the surfing season, being the final leg of the Triple Crown of Surfing as well as the final event of the World Surf League Championship Tour.

A pipeline is considered to be the most dangerous wave for surfers. With shallow reef and significant swells, Banzai Pipeline has witnessed many surfers getting injured and suffering cuts from sharp coral edges. However, since the wave breaks close to shore it makes it a spectacular site for a surfing competition attracting thousands to Pipeline, Sunset Beach and Waimea and making North Shore of Oahu a surfers paradise.

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