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Haleakala Sunrise and Sunset

A magnificent sunrise and sunset at Haleakala summit among volcanic scenery will leave you breathless


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The unique volcanic landscape at this height and a starry night sparkled with the first rays of the sun provide, without any exaggeration, an unforgettable experience above the clouds. Haleakala, which means the "house of the Sun," is the highest peak of Maui.

Haleakala Sunrise and Sunset in Hawaii - Best Season 2020

Haleakala National Park rises 3,000 meters above s​ea level. We recommend you come early before dawn as driving the windy road up to the crater will take about 2 hours. Dress warmly and be prepared for low temperatures, which are regularly below freezing at any time of the year! A memorable experience, which is absolutely worth the effort!

Best time for Haleakala Sunrise and Sunset in Hawaii 2020

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