Best time to travel to Santorini

Breathtaking Sunsets in Santorini

One of the most famous features of Santorini is its sunset

Best time: mid-February–October

Breathtaking Sunsets
Breathtaking Sunsets
Breathtaking Sunsets

Every summer, tourists flock to see something known as the best sunset in the world. It is often difficult to find a decent spot, making people come in advance. However, our advice is to not wait for all the tourists to come. Some people say that the most beautiful sunsets are closer to the wintertime because they tend to be more of pink and violet!

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When is the best time to witness Santorini's picturesque sunsets?

The spellbinding sunsets in Santorini can be observed between mid-February and October. During these months, the colors of the sunset are vibrant and captivating. Conversely, others believe the pink and violet sunsets during the winter months, particularly from mid-November to January, are more beautiful than the golden sunsets observed in the summer. Show more

Which location is the best for viewing the sunset in Santorini?

Santorini has several exceptional spots to watch the stunning sunset. While visiting Oia, the castle ruins offer an incomparable view of the sunset. Additionally, many people prefer to watch the sunset from Amoudi Bay, located at the lower part of Oia, which is less crowded but provides an equally breathtaking view. Caldera Beach is another option to consider where visitors get the additional benefit of swimming while watching the sunset. Show more

What is unique about Santorini's sunsets that sets it apart from other places?

Santorini's topography offers an exceptional vantage point for watching the sunset. The island's horizon provides an enchanting blend of colors from the Aegean Sea, the famous volcanic cliffs, and picturesque sky hues towards sunset. The whitewashed buildings of Santorini reflect the sun's warm golden light during sunset, which further adds to the island's charm and the magnificent view of the Cyclades island group. Show more

During which months do the sunset colors tend to be a mix of pink and violet in Santorini?

In the summer, Santorini sunsets are typically observed to be gold or red; in contrast, pink and violet hues predominate from mid-November to January. The unique winter weather conditions produce these captivating colors that are less visible in the summer months. Fewer tourists typically visit Santorini in winter, offering more space and time for visitors to appreciate the magnificent sunset views. Show more

Where can tourists go to enjoy the sunset view in Santorini without large crowds?

Caldera Beach offers an ideal location for individuals, couples, and families who prefer a quieter spot to watch the sunset. The beach is situated outside the Akrotiri village, and without the crowds, one can enjoy the splendid view uninterrupted. Another option to consider is booking a private sunset tour, taking visitors to exotic destinations less crowded with tourists, but with equally stunning views of the sunset. Show more

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