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Tagus River Sunset Cruise in Lisbon

Looking at Lisbon from its waterfront gives you a different perspective

Best time: May–September (all year round)

Tagus River Sunset Cruise
Tagus River Sunset Cruise
Tagus River Sunset Cruise
Tagus River Sunset Cruise

You may discover Lisbon street by street and district by district but to have a complex view of the city you should have a look at it from the Tagus River. It is not a complicated task to accomplish as you can find plenty of agencies offering tours on the river.

Take a short cruise before sunset as the warm summer light colours the city in yellowish and pinkish shades. Belém Tower and the 25th of April Bridge, Jerónimos Monastery and the Christ the King monument, and other astonishing attractions of Lisbon will never be the same for you.

On average, the cruise lasts for 2-2.5 hours so that you have enough time to enjoy views of the city just before it plunges into twilight. For such a tour, you can expect to pay approximately 30-40€. The tours run all year round, two hours prior to the sunset, so check the exact departure hours on the websites of tour providers. Summer months are the best time as the tours start later in the evening and it's much warmer so you can enjoy the night outdoors.

Practical info

When is the best time to take the Tagus River Sunset Cruise in Lisbon?

Visitors seeking the best time to embark on the Tagus River Sunset Cruise in Lisbon should opt for the balmy months from May to September. This seasonal window provides longer evening hours to explore the beauty of the city and its waterfront in amiable weather conditions which truly enhances the overall experience. While the sunset tour is available throughout the year, it is advisable to book in advance for optimum convenience. Show more

Where can I find agencies offering Tagus River tours in Lisbon?

For tourists searching for agencies that offer the renowned Tagus River Tours in Lisbon, it is advisable to head to the city's waterfront. Most local tour operators and tourist offices provide a range of sunset cruises, which run two hours before sunset year-round. Visitors are advised to consult the tour operators' websites for exact departure times, keeping in mind that Lisbon currently has many options for organising these iconic cruises. Show more

What landmarks can I see on the Tagus River Sunset Cruise tour?

On the Tagus River Sunset Cruise tour, tourists can see a breadth of iconic landmarks such as the Belém Tower, 25th of April Bridge, Jerónimos Monastery, Christ the King monument, and many others. This immersive tour offers travellers the opportunity to enjoy the city from a breathtaking perspective, with the warm summer light adding a stunning golden and pinkish hue to the city. This captivating sight is an unforgettable must-see for travellers. Show more

How long does the Tagus River Sunset Cruise tour typically last?

The Tagus River Sunset Cruise is a two to two and a half hour tour, allowing travellers to take in the charm of Lisbon at dusk and enjoy the warm summer light on the city's iconic landmarks. Departure times of the tour vary according to the sunset, which keeps changing throughout the year. Travellers are advised to check the tour provider's website for exact departure times for their planned visit to avoid issues with scheduling. Show more

How much should I expect to pay for the Tagus River Sunset Cruise tour in Lisbon?

The Tagus River Sunset Cruise tour in Lisbon typically costs around €30-€40 per person, give or take. Since this price varies depending on the tour provider's offerings, it is advisable to enquire beforehand. Advanced booking of these popular tours is recommended to ensure availability. Travellers are also encouraged to book through trusted travel agents to ensure a fair and standard price which is in line with the tour's value for money. Show more

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