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Sailing in Goa

If you are looking for a perfect day trip, both silent and relaxing, sailing may be an excellent experience for you!

Best time: October–April


In Goa you'll have the chance to try various types of sailing. These are parasailing, Catamaran boat sailing, dinghy sailing, etc. Dinghy sailing is quite similar to wind surfing, but doesn't need as much effort.

These boats are mostly 15 feet long and only hold 3 people. This may be one of the best things to try in Goa, and super relaxing too. You can enjoy the beauty of nature alone or with your family and friends. It is a perfect day activity. The best time to try this sport is from October to April. During your trip you may get a look at some local wildlife as well as the architecture and rural life of local people.

Practical info

When is the best time to try sailing in Goa?

Visit Goa between October and April if you want to go sailing in Goa. The sea during these months is calm, and the weather is pleasant. You can admire the natural beauty of the region while also experiencing the local life. Show more

What types of sailing activities are available in Goa?

Tourists in Goa can enjoy sailing activities such as dinghy sailing, Catamaran boat sailing, parasailing, and more. Dinghy sailing is a low-effort, leisurely activity that resembles wind surfing. Three people can sail on the 15-foot boats, which are frequently maintained to ensure a great experience. Show more

Can beginners try sailing in Goa?

Everyone, including newcomers, can try sailing in Goa. Sailing is quite safe in these calm waters. The instructors are skilled, and the boats come equipped with life jackets. Sailing in the area is a great way to explore its wildlife, architecture, and natural beauty regardless of your sailing background. Show more

What is the ideal group size for sailing in Goa?

Sailing in Goa is best for groups of up to three individuals because the boats are relatively small. But if you have a larger group, consider consulting with the sailing operators to select Catamaran boats that can accommodate more people. Regardless of the group size, sailing in Goa is a fantastic daytime activity, perfect for families, friends or couples. Show more

Are there any additional attractions to see during the sailing experience in Goa?

Alongside sailing, tourists can also try other water sports such as Scuba Diving, parasailing, and jet-skiing in Goa. The sailing experience also offers the chance to explore the wildlife, architecture, rural life of the locals, and scenic locations like hidden beaches and caves only accessible via boats or sailing. Show more

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