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Sailing in Singapore

Numerous sailing operators located along Singapore's coast allow to sail the country virtually all around

Best time: December–March


Sailing is available to a wide range of tourists, as there is no need of being especially fit or being able to swim to engage in this entertaining activity. Most of the 14 operators offering their services are located in the south-east of Singapore, one sailing club is situated in the west and four—in the north-eastern part of the country. St John Island, Lazarus Island, and Kusu Island are the most popular locations among tourists.

Children who are 8 years old and above are allowed to sail alone in small boats. One may choose between boats designed for a single sailor and for 2 passengers. Those who cannot swim, are accompanied by the instructor for the sake of safety.

Although the weather in Singapore remains warm throughout the whole year and the city does not suffer from tropical storms, it is still affected by violent winds known as sum​atras which result into short-lasting squalls. These sudden localized storms occur between April and November and represent a great obstacle for sailors. Thus, sailing season stretches over December to March.

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When is the best time to go sailing in Singapore?

Sailing in Singapore is best enjoyed from December to March, a period when the city experiences pleasant weather with clear skies and no tropical storms. However, from April to November, the city is prone to sudden violent winds (Sumatras), which result in short-lasting squalls. As such, sailing trips during this season might be difficult. It is advisable to plan sailing trips outside this period for a better experience. Show more

Where are the most popular sailing locations in Singapore?

St John Island, Lazarus Island, and Kusu Island are among the most sought-after sailing destinations in Singapore. These sublime islands provide delightful scenery, tranquil waters, and create a relaxing ambiance for sailors. Most of the 14 sailing operators that operate in Singapore are situated in the south-eastern region of the country. Nevertheless, there are one sailing club in the western region and four sailing clubs in the north-eastern part of the country. Show more

What age must children be to sail alone in small boats?

Sailing alone in small boats is permitted in Singapore for children at least 8 years old, but only under strict supervision, especially for non-swimmers. The boats are built with a capacity for a maximum of two passengers or a lone sailor, based on individual preferences. Show more

How many passengers can a boat typically hold when sailing in Singapore?

Sailing boats in Singapore is built to suit passengers' preferences, with most operators providing craft that can accommodate one or two people at a time. A typical sailing boat in Singapore is small, efficacious, and suitable for short trips or brief excursions around the islands. However, there are larger private charters available from some sailing operators catering to a higher number of passengers. Show more

Are there any weather conditions to be aware of when sailing in Singapore?

Sailing in Singapore provides a warm and tropical experience, with no significant tropical storms in the region. Nevertheless, sudden localized squalls sparked by violent winds known as Sumatras occur frequently between April and November and might deter sailing activities. Avoiding these months guarantees a safe and enjoyable experience for passionate sailors, with pleasant weather and fewer obstacles. Show more

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