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Boating on Štrbské Pleso in Slovakia

Enjoy boating on the second largest glacial lake in Slovakia!

Best time: June–September

Boating on Štrbské Pleso

This picturesque mountain lake Štrbské Pleso is located in the neighbourhood of Štrbské Pleso in the High Tatras. Interestingly, boating and swimming in this area were banned in the 1980s due to environmental reasons. In 2008 boating on Štrbské Pleso was restored, but nowadays the lake is under high protection. Boating there requires following strict rules like no fishing, no ducks feeding, no food and baggage on the boat, no smoking, no swimming in the tarn, no jumping from the boat, etc.

Anyways, boating on Štrbské Pleso is one of the best experiences you can have while visiting the mountain range, so don't miss a chance to enjoy this activity. There are eighteen wood boats, and one sports rowing boat for visitors. You can also take a private rower for boating. It's a great chance to relax, enjoy the marvellous scenery, high rocks, and calm atmosphere around you!

The main season runs from June until September. If the weather is favourable, the boats are also available in May and October but mostly on the weekends.

Practical info

When is the best time to go boating on Štrbské Pleso in Slovakia?

To experience boating at Štrbské Pleso in Slovakia, it's best to plan a trip from June to September, when the main season is underway. Boats are available for rent seven days a week during this time. However, depending on the weather, boats can also be rented on weekends from May to October. Visitors should be aware that boating on the lake is governed by strict rules and regulations as the tarn is under high protection. Show more

Are there any specific rules for boating on Štrbské Pleso?

Boating on Štrbské Pleso is under high protection, and strict rules and regulations apply to preserve the lake's quality, beauty, and tranquillity. Fishing, feeding the ducks, bringing food or baggage on board, and smoking or jumping off the boat are all prohibited. Additionally, swimming in the tarn is strictly forbidden. Tourists are advised to follow these regulations to avoid any unnecessary harm to the lake and its surroundings. Show more

What is the difference between the sports rowing boat and the wooden boats?

Tourists can rent sports rowing boats or 18 wooden boats at Štrbské Pleso to experience boating in Slovakia. Sports rowing boats are designed for experienced rowers and come at a higher price. In contrast, wooden boats are more suitable for those who have little to no experience rowing. These boats are easily manoeuvrable and can hold two or three people. However, they are not waterproof, so passengers should prepare to get wet if they don't exercise caution when handling the oars. Show more

Is it possible to hire a private rower for boating?

Yes, it is possible to hire a private rower at Štrbské Pleso to guide you on a boating trip around the lake. This service is recommended to ensure that tourists comply with the strict boating regulations, such as avoiding getting too close to the shore or prohibited areas. Moreover, hiring a private rower can help save time and make your boating experience more enjoyable by providing knowledge of the best spots to view and take pictures of the lake and the surrounding area. Show more

Apart from boating, what other activities can tourists enjoy in the High Tatras during summer?

Other than boating at Štrbské Pleso in Slovakia, tourists can enjoy several other activities during summer. These include mountain biking, hiking, rock climbing, horse riding, and sightseeing. High Tatras is home to Slovakia's highest mountain, Gerlach Peak, which offers a challenge to experienced hikers. Additionally, visitors can go to scenic lookout points offering panoramic views of the region. To make the most of your summer trip, it is advisable to consult with local travel guides who can provide information about the best activities suited to your interests and skill level. Show more

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