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Lac Léman or Lake Geneva Cruise in Switzerland

Explore one of Europe's largest lake and its picturesque surroundings

Best time: mid-April–mid-October

Lac Léman or Lake Geneva Cruise
Lac Léman or Lake Geneva Cruise
Lac Léman or Lake Geneva Cruise

The city of Lausanne offers boat and ferry cruises to many destinations around Lake Geneva not only in Switzerland but also France. You can take a ride to Montre​ux, Geneva, or the medieval village of Yvoire as well as the French spa Evian-les-Bains. The ride can take from 20 minutes to one hour. Cruising on Lake Geneva is a great activity for hot summer days especially. Pleasure boats and ferries depa​rt regularly during ​this time. During the shoulder season (April–June and September–October) the boats are not as frequent, with a more busy schedule on weekends, In the winter, the service is limited to Sundays and national holidays only.

Practical info

What is the best timeframe to enjoy Lake Geneva’s cruises?

To make the most out of your Lake Geneva cruise, consider booking from mid-April to mid-October, during the summer and shoulder seasons. This way, there are frequent departures from pleasure boats and ferries. However, during the winter, take note that the service is only available on Sundays and national holidays. Show more

What destinations are possible when taking a boat or ferry cruise from Lausanne?

Lake Geneva offers several options when it comes to boat and ferry cruises leaving Lausanne. You can travel to places such as the medieval village of Yvoire, French spa town Evian-les-Bains, Geneva, and Montreux. These destinations are not limited to Switzerland but also encompass French borders. Show more

What is the typical duration of a Lake Geneva boat ride?

Length of Lake Geneva boat or ferry rides varies depending on the destination. It usually takes around 20 minutes to an hour. For example, for a visit to Evian-les-Bains, 35 minutes is the approximated time spent traveling. Be sure to check the boat company’s schedule since timeframes also differ from each destination. Show more

What sorts of attractions can be viewed during a Lake Geneva Cruise?

Whichever location you choose for a Lake Geneva cruise, you will be met with scenic vistas, and various attractions to delight in. Montreux presents Chillon Castle, while Yvoire exhibits its stunning medieval town. Finally, Geneva is home to the renowned Jet d'Eau fountain. All are accessible via different destinations during the tour. Show more

Are there any cost-saving opportunities to take advantage of with Lake Geneva’s cruises?

To make the most of your Lake Geneva cruise, consider acquiring a Swiss Travel Pass that provides access to free or discounted boat and ferry tickets. A number of companies also offer group, family, and seasonal discounts, along with special seasonal packaging. Such activities are a great way to enjoy the sights while keeping cash in your wallet. Show more

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