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Swan Boats in Boston

A short-lasting voyage does magic: passengers come back revitalised​, relaxed, and feeling great!

Best time: mid-April–mid-September

Swan Boats
Swan Boats

As soon as spring comes to Boston, six iconic swan boats float out into the Public Garden's lagoon. Everyone enjoys having a ride—local kids and adults, as well as tourists. The peaceful and scenic voyage is a short unwinding break, and quite helpful after a hectic, busy day. This is a great chance to some to relive the simple joys of their childhood. Although the voyage only lasts for 15 minutes, it may have a lasting impression o​n your day. The first swan boats a​ppeared in Boston back in 1877. The oldest surviving one dates back to 1918. Everyone can enjoy a picturesque ride from mid-April to mid-September.

Practical info

What is the ideal timeframe for taking a swan boat ride in Boston?

To enjoy a ride on the iconic swan boats in Boston, it is best to visit from mid-April to mid-September. These are the months when the six swan boats float on the Public Garden's lagoon, providing an idyllic ride for residents and tourists alike. The boats offer a relaxing and enjoyable journey that can be savored in the inviting weather of spring and summer. Show more

Where in Boston can one locate the swan boats?

Boston's famous swan boats are located in the Public Garden's lagoon, an accessible location in the heart of the city, adjacent to popular tourist hotspots. Visitors can easily find direction by inquiring from a local or consulting a city map. The boats offer a charming picturesque ride that is not far from the tourist hub of the city. Show more

What is the duration of a swan boat ride in Boston?

When riding on the swan boats in Boston, passengers can experience a short ride that lasts for about 15 minutes. The ride may be brief, but it provides an opportunity to take a break from the city's hustle and bustle and relax amid serene surroundings. During this trip, passengers can get fascinating views of the park while gently cruising along the lagoon. Show more

What is the origin of the swan boats in Boston?

The history of the swan boats in Boston is a long and illustrious one, tracing back to 1877 when Robert Paget came up with the design. Since then, they have become a popular attraction, loved by both natives and visitors. With the tradition going strong, the swan boats have earned an iconic status due to the lagoon's peaceful atmosphere and magnificent boat design. Show more

Are there any restrictions on age or height for riding on Boston's swan boats?

No one is barred from cruising the lagoon on the swan boats in Boston as they have no age or height restrictions. Both kids and adults can relive the joys of their childhood by taking advantage of this open opportunity. The waterfront's tranquil ambiance, combined with a meandering ride, make for a relaxing and fun-filled experience that everyone can cherish. Show more

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