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Cruise and Sail on Lake Titicaca in Bolivia

One shouldn't miss the world's most navigable lake, its islands full of Inca ruins, and rare giant frogs

Best time: May–September

Cruise and Sail on Lake Titicaca
Cruise and Sail on Lake Titicaca
Cruise and Sail on Lake Titicaca
Cruise and Sail on Lake Titicaca

Famed as the world's most navigable water basin, Lake Titicaca offers a delightful cruising experience. The lake is praised for its beauty, still​ reflective water, and surrounding landscapes, but also is renowned as the birthplace of the Inca civilization with numerous remaining ancient ruins found among the islands. Besides that, Titicaca is home to splendid unique wildlife—particularly celebrated are giant frogs which are native to Bolivia. Though at request cruising can be arranged throughout the year, the high sailing season falls on the winter months from May to September owing to the most favourable w​ind conditions.

Practical info

When is the best time to go on a cruise on Lake Titicaca in Bolivia?

May to September are the peak months for cruising Lake Titicaca, owing to favorable wind conditions. However, tourists can opt for a cruise at any time of the year as per their preference. Even for those who wish to avoid crowds but enjoy warm weather, cruising during other months can be just as delightful. Show more

Where can one find Inca ruins among the islands of Lake Titicaca?

The famous Islands of the Sun and Moon, or Isla del Sol, and Isla de la Luna, respectively, are home to numerous ancient Incan ruins, such as temples, fountains, and carvings, alongside staircases. The eastern side of Lake Titicaca boasts Challapampa village that also holds Incan ruins worth checking out. Show more

What unique wildlife can be found on Lake Titicaca?

Among the array of animals that Lake Titicaca is home to are the rare giant frogs. These are, in fact, native to Bolivia and are found in the marshes and shallow waters of Titicaca. Other animals that share a habitat with them include the Andean gull, alpaca, vicuña, and titi monkey. Show more

How long does a typical cruise last on Lake Titicaca?

There is no fixed or standard duration for experiencing a Lake Titicaca cruise. Different itinerary and programs entail varying cruise lengths, ranging from a couple of hours to several days, while guided tours typically extend up to two to three days. Regardless, cruising involves exploring the islands, savoring breathtaking views, and becoming part of a local family on Amantani Island. Show more

What other activities can one do in the surrounding areas of Lake Titicaca besides cruising?

While cruising is the most popular mode to experience Lake Titicaca, tourists can also engage in other activities. Trekking the islands is an excellent option, allowing visitors to witness breathtaking landscapes and Incan ruins up close. Visitors can also live with local families on Amantani Island, absorbing their lifestyle. The city of Puno is known for its vibrant festivals, such as the annual February festival of the Virgin of Candelaria, showcasing traditional music, dance, and handicrafts. Show more

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