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Boston Harbor Cruises 2024-2025

Boston Harbor has all kinds of cruises on offer

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Boston Harbor Cruises
Boston Harbor Cruises

The stunning Boston Harbor studded with 34 islands invites the city's visitors to partake in one of the many types of cruises available. Explore Harbor Islands and other Boston’s important historical sites taking a Harbor cruise that can last from 45 min to 3 hours. You can admire tall ships and Boston’s skyline from the water, visit lighthouses and numerous islands. Various cruise companies offer voyages for every taste: specialty cruises serving gourmet food, providing music and dancing, nautically-themed cruises, winter cruises, and romantic sunset cruises. Visitors can also opt for a water taxi or harbour express shuttles to get virtually anywhere by water. Schedules and fares are available on cruise companies' websites.

Boston Harbor Cruises (BHC) operates in Boston Harbor since the 1920s, with boats departing from Long Wharf, near the New England Aquarium. Others boats depart from Fan Pier and various wharves. If you want to check out the Charlestown Navy Yard and other significant sights, you should opt for the Super Duck Tours featuring both land and water cruising. Liberty Fleet sailboats provide daytime and sunset cruises for a relaxing outing. For a short option, you can choose USS Constitution Cruise boat that offers 45-minute tours with the emphasis on maritime history. If you prefer some thrill and wouldn't mind to get wet, try the turbo-charged Godzilla cruise​. If you want to try some old-fashion spirits like grog, the so-called Rum and Revelry cruises are a great idea. The majority of tours run from May to mid-October except for Super Ducks—amphibious boats with heating inside operate from March to December.

If you have never been on a cruise of Boston Harbor before, try a Historical Sightseeing Cruise that runs for 90 minutes. If you are already familiar with Boston Harbor and not interested in sightseeing, then you can just take a ferry and visit the island of your choice. Georges Island can be easily accessed by a ferry. It is situated just 11 km (7 mi) from the city. The island is home to historic Fort Warren and the Confederate memorial. Spectacle Island and Lovells Island offer beautiful sandy beaches, just 20 minutes from the city. Or take a Salem Ferry to explore historic landmarks and excellent restaurants in Salem, MA. Most ferries run from May to October.

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What are the different types of cruises available in Boston Harbor?

Boston Harbor offers an array of cruises, including specifically themed cruises, such as music and dancing cruises, as well as aquatic-themed activities. There are also winter cruises, sunset cruises, and plain sightseeing cruises. The Godzilla cruise offers a thrill-seekers dream whilst Rum and Revelry cruises offer spirits from the past for a traditional experience. Show more

When is the best time to take a Boston Harbor cruise?

The ideal time to take a Boston Harbor cruise is from May to mid-October, with most operations available. Winter cruises such as Super Ducks are also available from March to December; whilst ferries to Salem and Boston Harbor Islands are available only from May to October. Show more

Where can I find information on cruise schedules and fares?

For schedules and fare information, visitors can check the official websites of USS Constitution Cruise boat, Liberty Fleet sailboats, and Boston Harbor Cruises (BHC) among other cruise service providers in Boston Harbor. Show more

Which cruise company departs from Long Wharf and Fan Pier?

Boston Harbor Cruises (BHC) is the only cruise company departing from Long Wharf located near the New England Aquarium. Super Duck Tours offer a diverse selection of water and land tours from different locations around the harbor, covering historical sites as well. Show more

What are the unique features of Georges Island, Spectacle Island, and Lovells Island?

Fort Warren and the Confederate memorial are some of Georges Island's highlights. Beaches are Lovells Island's and Spectacle Island's attractions as they offer sandy beaches for the visitors to enjoy. Salem is another option for visitors, and one can find ferries to all three islands operating from May to October. Show more

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