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Boston Harbor Cruises

Boston Harbor has all kinds of cruises on offer

Boston Harbor Cruises in Boston - Best Time
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Kunal Mukherjee

The stunning Boston Harbor studded with 34 islands invites the city's visitors to partake in one of the many types of cruises available. If you want to check out the Charlestown Navy Yard and other significant sights, you should opt for the Super Duck Tours featuring both land and water cruising. Liberty Fleet sail boats provide daytime and sunset cruises for a relaxing outing. If you prefer some thrill and would rather get wet, the turbo-charged Godzilla is a perfect choice​. If you want to try some old-fashion spirits like grog, the so-called Rum and Revelry cruises are a great idea. The majority of tours run from May to mid-October except for Super Ducks—amphibious boa​ts that are heated inside and can operate from March to December. On the other hand, the Liberty Fleet offers boats for a shorter period between June and September.

Boston Harbor Cruises in Boston - Best Season
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