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Sailing Season in Chicago

Sailing is much time limited in Chicago due to the weather conditions

Best time: May–October

Sailing Season
Sailing Season

Lake Michigan is the second largest Great Lake with diverse beautiful landscapes to explore. The lake is bordered by the states of Michigan, Indiana, Illinois and Wisconsin. Its vast coastline includes not just the fabulous waterfront of Chicago, but also picturesque Milwaukee, the Michigan sand dunes, or the Beaver Islands. Green Bay on the west side is also hope to some small islands, called "the death's door" due to the number of ships that crushed here. However now the Door County today is a great spot for sailing!

Sailing on Lake Michigan is safe up to six month, from late spring through early autumn. There are quite a few rentals available, so you can easily arrange a nice brisk sail!

Practical info

When is the best time to go sailing on Lake Michigan in Chicago?

From May to October, sailing is most enjoyable on Lake Michigan in Chicago due to mild weather and calm waters, with popular sailing events like the Chicago Yacht Club Race to Mackinac taking place during this period. Extreme temperatures, strong winds, and storms make sailing unsafe in other months. Show more

Where are the best spots for sailing in Lake Michigan besides Chicago?

In addition to Chicago, Lake Michigan offers scenic sailing locations like Milwaukee, Michigan sand dunes, the Beaver Islands, and Door County, with the Green Bay boasting a unique and picturesque sailing experience. The rocky terrain, shipwrecks, and strong winds and currents make it exciting, and it has a rich history that sailors can explore. Show more

How safe is it to sail on Lake Michigan during the sailing season?

Sailing is generally safe on Lake Michigan during the sailing season when necessary safety precautions are taken, and sailors stay updated about constantly shifting weather patterns, including sudden storms and high waves. It is important to be mindful of heavy boat traffic, particularly during the Chicago Yacht Club Race to Mackinac and potential obstacles like shipwrecks. Show more

What kind of landscapes can we see while sailing on Lake Michigan?

Sailors on Lake Michigan will be treated to an array of landscapes, from the majestic Chicago skyline and Milwaukee waterfront to abundant sandy beaches, rocky cliffs, colorful sunsets, and the lush greenery of the Beaver Islands. Door County is fascinating to sailors with its numerous shipwrecks, historic lighthouses, stunning limestone bluffs and caves. Different bird and fish species can also be spotted while sailing on the lake. Show more

Are there any islands on the west side of Lake Michigan that are popular for sailing besides Door County?

Besides Door County, other island clusters on Lake Michigan's west side, including Washington Island, Rock Island, and Chambers Island, are popular among sailors. Visitors will be fascinated by Washington Island's historic fishing villages and beautiful beaches, Rock Island's stone cabin and scenic boathouse. Chambers Island offers unspoiled beaches, hiking trails, and lighthouse structures as well as its status as a wildlife preserve. Show more

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