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Sailing in Phuket 2024

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One of the best ways to make your Phuket stay special is to take a cruise vacation. There are many different sailing cruises from Phuket to Phang Nga Bay and other nearby Thai isles —Phi Phi, Raya, Similan, and others. While sailing, you can enjoy sunbathing and taste delicious Thai dishes, fresh fruits, and various drinks on board. This is also a great way to try snorkelling and diving far from the land.

The best time for sailing is during the high tourist season from November until April, with peak months from December to January. From November until February, expect sunny and pleasant days and enjoyable water temperatures. From March to May, expect the air temperature to increase significantly with the hottest days taking place in April. Some travellers go from May to October during the southwest monsoon when winds are stronger and sailing conditions are better than in the dry season.

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What are some other sailing destinations that can be visited from Phuket besides Phang Nga Bay?

Phuket boasts several nearby islands apart from Phang Nga Bay that are exceptionally beautiful and worth exploring. The Similan Islands offer world-class diving, while Koh Racha is a perfect spot for snorkeling and has turquoise waters. The Phi Phi Islands are renowned for their striking beaches. A sailing trip to these dazzling islands will cater to your craving for serenity and peace amidst nature's beauty, leaving you rejuvenated. Show more

Which Thai delicacies are usually served during a sailing trip in Phuket?

Phuket is well known for its delectable local cuisine, and Thai food is recognized for its strong flavors. While on a memorable sailing expedition, you will have the opportunity to dig into an array of dishes, including Tom Yum soup, seafood like squids, grilled fish, tiger prawns, pad thai, green curry, and refreshing desserts such as the incredibly popular mango sticky rice. Restaurants source their ingredients from local markets, ensuring that vegan and vegetarian options are also available. Show more

During which time of year is it the best weather for sailing in Phuket?

The most suitable period for sailing is between November and April, with the peak months being December and January, attracting more tourists. The weather is delightful as sunshine is abundant, facilitating water activities and swimming, complemented by ideal water temperatures. Sun worshippers should be wary of March to May, where the scorching temperatures can be unbearable. Besides the peak season, June to October, involving the southwest monsoon season, is a great time to set sail, with riders preferring this time due to the friendly wind conditions. Show more

What is the best location for diving and snorkeling when sailing in Phuket?

Swimming in Phuket's waters is an excellent way of exploring Thai marine life, enhancing the experience of exploring beautiful islands. Diving and snorkeling near the Similan Islands encompass sea turtles and beautiful tropical fish. Racha Islands, situated south of Phuket, offer the best visibility, pristine coral reefs, and luminous blue waters. Professional divers generally frequent the Surin Islands for its adventurous, cavernous sites, where one can catch sight of massive whale sharks and mantas. Show more

Is it ideal to go sailing in Phuket during the southwest monsoon season?

Although considered an offseason, the southwest monsoon season providing winds will be exhilarating for sailors from May to October, providing a fantastic opportunity for yacht racing and leisure sailing. Rain and occasional storms accompanied by favorable water conditions and a low surge index characterize the weather. However, keep a check on the weather forecast and carry adequate gear to counter the changeable conditions ahead for an enjoyable sailing experience. Show more

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