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Pohoda Festival 2020

The most famous music and art festival in Slovakia

Pohoda Festival in Slovakia 2020 - Best Time
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During the Pohoda festival, you'll be able to enjoy different genres of music, like indie, world music, punk, classical, alternative, pop, dance music, rock etc. You can also enjoy chamber music, theatre performances, watch movies, dance, have interesting art discussions, and even participate in literature workshops.

The Pohoda Festival is the biggest open-air summer event in Slovakia. The festival has been held annually since 1997 in the city of Trenčín, in the western part of Slovakia. Nowadays, the Pohoda festival takes place at the Trenčín Airport.

During the festival, you will enjoy the beautiful and elated atmosphere, enjoy tasty food and drink, communicate with people and share minds and ideas with them. It's a great chance to relax, feel freedom and enjoy the world.