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Festival of Iberian Mask (Festival Internacional da Mascára Ibérica FIMI) 2021

During the first weekend of May people in masks and costumes take to the streets of Lisbon to celebrate historical and cultural ties that exist between Spanish and Portuguese regions


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This four-day festival depicts the Iberian culture and gives all the participants a chance to feel its essence. The Mask serves as the key element and the central theme underlying the idea of the gathering. Even though the traditional pagan masks vary throughout the Iberian Peninsula, they still remind us about the common roots of Spanish and Portuguese cultures.

The festival has been taking place annually since 2006. Every year the number and the selection of regions involved differs. But the main idea remains the same—to bring together the entire peninsula and to increase the awareness of its unique culture and traditions. Dozens of stands introduce the local food—wine, cheese, chocolate, and other products. Besides, visitors may discover handicrafts, attend concerts, performances, and workshops, listen to ethnic music, and take part in the photo competition. Regardless of the activity you want to join, you are not expected to pay as the entry is free.

The highlight of the festival is the Grand Mask Parade (Desfile Da Máscara Ibérica). For a few hours, the streets of Lisbon turn into a colourful and festive river—you may find yourself in the heart of never-ending party where everyone dances to the sounds of ethnic music. When the procession stops it does not mean that the celebration is over: evening concerts and performances take their turn to entertain the crowds.

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