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Lisboa Dance Festival 2018

The sounds of electronic music shake the walls of this 19th-century weaving factory

Lisboa Dance Festival in Lisbon 2020 - Best Time

© Diogo Caetano

This two-day party takes place in the LX Factory, a converted industrial complex that now plays the role of a creative hub. The location perfectly conveys the idea behind the event and makes the visitors feel the atmosphere. Lisboa Dance is an electronic music festival, one of the youngest in Portugal, as it was organized for the first time in 2016. Despite its short history, the event has already gained the respect of music lovers: throughout two days you have the chance to hear artists playing diverse styles of electronic music—techno, house, and other kinds combined with the rhythms of disco, hip-hop, etc.

Lisboa Dance Festival in Lisbon - Best Season 2020

Aside from numerous DJ-sets, the festival offers performances, workshops, and master classes focused on music production and other events reflecting modern culture. Thus, you may attend lectures and debates that unite musicians and producers, label owners and critics—they gather to discuss the modern electronic scene and its main trends. Feel free to listen and participate!

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