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Sugar Mountain Festival 2024

A real "melting pot" of dance music and visual arts

The young Sugar Mountain Festival has turned into one of Melbourne's most vibrant and colourful musical events. Incredible scenery, where a crowd of diverse people flock each year, attracted by the eclectic line up. It is here that this festival of contemporary music is held. So, let's get into the details!

Organizers of the festival successfully combined various musical styles, inviting performers of modern funk, indie electronics, and a tasteful fusion of house. This is an amazing chance to get through new musical trends, meet new people, musicians, and artists. In addition to music, Sugar Mountain presents innovative visual arts, interactive installations, and multimedia events, fostering a space where technology, music, and the arts come together. The festival seeks to provide a progressive, welcoming environment that promotes discovery and admiration of all artistic mediums. Tickets to the event cost $130.

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