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Beach Season in Sydney

December–March • activity

Sydney has no shortage of places to swim or simply relax with a good book

Sydney Opera House

all year round • activity

The Sydney Opera House is one of the 20th century's most famous and distinctive buildings

Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb

March–May | September–November (all year round) • activity

Try a unique and extreme way to get the most rewarding views

Surfing Around Sydney

March–September • activity

Learn the art of riding a surfboard on high-quality waves!


March–July • food

One of the latest fruits of the year that will brighten up any dessert!

Sydney Rock Oyster

September–March • food

Are you ready to taste these fancy little bivalves with a glass of Champagne?

Scenic World Blue Mountains

all year round • activity

Have a great time in one of the most fabulous tourist attractions of New South Wales

SS Ayrfield Shipwreck

all year round • activity

Can you picture an abandoned ship with a forest in it?

Royal Botanic Garden

late August–early October | December–March (all year round) • nature

A world of discovery awaits you at a major botanical garden in the heart of Sydney

Diving in Gordon's Bay

October–April • activity

Discover a fantastic underwater world in the most stunning diving spot in Sydney

Bondi Icebergs Pool

all year round • activity

Enjoy a swim in Sydney's most famous pool and get covered by giant ocean waves

Pumpkin Season

March–August • food

Pumpkin seeds were brought to Australia on the First Fleet back in 1788

Sydney Fish Market

all year round • food

Fans of seafood will be delighted to visit the largest fish market in the Southern Hemisphere

Wendy's Secret Garden

all year round • activity

A heart-warming space and a story worth sharing


March–June • food

Taste the nut which is worth going nuts for

Pine Mushrooms (Saffron Milk Caps)

March–May • food

These grow in places where the soil is densely covered with old coniferous needles, and often hide under them


December–May • food

This glossy and brightly coloured fruit will be a good addition to your meal


Sydney Hobart Yacht Race

December 26–December 31 • event

One of the world's most anticipated race that has a long history and offers some spectacular sights!

Blackmores Sydney Running Festival

September 16, 2018 • event

Take in numerous spectacular landmarks of the city during an unforgettable run

Sydney Film Festival

June 05–16, 2019 • event

Tune yourself to be the first in Australia to see the most brilliant and inspiring premiers

Boxing Day

December 26 • event

One of the best days to go shopping or enjoy a family BBQ

Sydney New Year's Fireworks

December 31–January 01 • event

About one million people crowd to vantage points around the harbour for this dazzling pyrotechnics display

Parkes Elvis Festival

January 09–13, 2019 • event

Experience one of the most significant tributes to Elvis in the world


January 26 • event

You can't fully feel the spirit of Australia Day celebrations without the traditional Ferrython

Whale Watching in NSW

May–November • nature

Witness northern or southern migration of these majestic mammals from land or boat

Jacaranda Trees in Bloom

mid-October–November • nature

Sydney can definitely show off its exotic flora. The beautiful jacaranda tree brings the city back to life in spring


September–November • food

In most refined dishes, asparagus should maintain its taste and structure: it should be slightly soft, but not too much


April–September • activity

Give your body the ultimate workout while kayaking in the most picturesque areas of Sydney

Sydney Royal Easter Show

April 12–23, 2019 • event

Watch how "city meets country" in Sydney