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Sydney Rock Oyster

Are you ready to taste these fancy little bivalves with a glass of Champagne?


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The Sydney Rock Oyster is endemic to Australia and is mostly found in the inter tidal zones below the low-water mark in sheltered estuaries and bays from Wingan Inlet in eastern Victoria, along the east coast of New South Wales, and all the way up north to Hervey Bay, Queensland. Being smaller than other oysters, they average about 50g in weight and 6-8cm in shell length.

Sydney rock oysters are smaller than the main market competitors like Pacific oysters: they usually reach 6-8cm in shell length and 50-60g in three years.

The rock oyster is best consumed when freshly shucked and goes perfectly with breadcrumbs, eggs, ginger, lime, or wasabi. The best choice are plump, glossy, and moist oysters with a pleasantly fresh and mild smell.

Although some people like the less salty flavor of Sydney Rock Oysters during winter, they tend to be at their best from September to March.

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