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Winter Magic Festival 2023

Celebrate winter solstice in the beautiful Blue Mountains

Dates: June 24, 2023 (unconfirmed)

Katoomba is one of the most picturesque towns in Australia and the most visited spot in the Blue Mountains, about 1.5 hours from Sydney. Once a year, it is taken over by artists, musicians, performers, drummers, and all kinds of creative people who flock here to celebrate Winter Solstice. For several decades, the Winter Magic Festival in Katoomba has been serving as a platform for the locals and visitors to express themselves in art and showcase their special talents and skills.

The epicenter of the festival is the main street of Katoomba, which is closed to traffic and open to pedestrians only. The whole town dresses up in costumes and goes outside. The streets turn into one big stage for carnival-like processions and concerts. Expect to see an eclectic mix of folk, burlesque, belly-dancing, flamenco, and cabaret. Check out Art Street, a community exhibit showcasing the diversity and excellence of the artists, representing the Blue Mountains.

Winter Magic is Katoomba's premier festival, attended by some 30,000 people annually. Every edition of the festival is unique. The festival is full of surprises, and every year there are new fresh events meant to stun the public and fill people's hearts with joy.

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