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Greenfield Winter Carnival 2021

Join a century-long winter tradition!


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Each year, for almost over a century, Greenfield Winter Carnival brings the Franklin County community together to celebrate the most beautiful time of the year. What a great reason to go out rather than to stay inside!

The event usually kicks off in downtown Greenfield with Winter Carnival torch lighting and continues with a Glow Party at Beacon Field and performances at Court Square. During the weekend, you have a chance to observe numerous ice sculptures, which are usually nicely illuminated at dusk. Needless to say that local artists create all ice artworks.

Greenfield Winter Carnival 2020
Greenfield Winter Carnival

If you are a runner who adores cold weather, an annual four-mile Sleigh Bell Run is for you. And if you are a confirmed foodie, check Reed and Farmer’s Market, which happens in Four Corners School.

Family Fun Fest for children and families, a warming fire, light’s parade, LED glow performance, and fireworks are always here for you at Beacon Field during Greenfield Winter Carnival. Come and take in the atmosphere!

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