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Bryce Canyon Winter Festival 2023

Explore all possible ways to enjoy the cold season, both indoors and outdoors


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Many favor the scenic canyon area for summer hiking and biking. However, the Bryce Canyon Winter Festival is a wonderful time to celebrate winter in southern Utah. Ruby's Inn has been hosting the festival for decades, usually in mid-February over the Presidents' Day Weekend. The program includes cross-skiing and snowshoeing tours, informative clinics, and exciting winter competitions. Breathtaking landscapes of iconic snow-capped red rocks will be the icing on the cake.

The extended schedule of events at the Ruby's Inn Winter Festival offers something for everyone. Choose outdoor winter sports for active pastime and thrills. Even if you're a newbie, the tours provide safe learning. You can also participate in or watch ski archery competition on Sunday or Cross Country ski races on Monday. For the youngest, there will be the kid's snow boot race. Whereas the artists can join snow sculpture and photography contests. Also, there will be educational activities such as clinics, classes, and demonstrations. The festival's eclectic entertainment embraces anything from crafting to puppet shows, and the famous Hot Air Balloon Glow.

During the Ruby's Inn Winter Festival, some activities are snow-permitting, yet the festival runs regardless of the weather.

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