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Bash Bish Falls in Massachusetts

One of the most beautiful New England waterfalls

Best time: April–November | best April –May

Bash Bish Falls
Bash Bish Falls
Bash Bish Falls, Mount Washington State Forest
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The tallest waterfall in Massachusetts, Bash Bish Falls, is located in the Taconic Mountains of Berkshire County. A popular hiking destination, this is one of the main attractions of the Berkshires. Bash Bish Falls is 200 feet (61 m) high and features a series of picturesque cascades that split into two before dropping into a turquoise pool of water. The impressive drop is 80 feet (24 m).

Travelers find the "Bish Bash" name somewhat unusual to their ears. According to a local legend, Bash Bish was the name of a Mohican girl who was tied to a canoe and was sent down the waterfall to be punished for being unfaithful.

How to get to Bash Bish Falls

Bash Bish Falls is nestled in the far southwest corner of Massachusetts. The closest town to Bash Bish Falls is Copake, New York. From there, you can easily reach the two waterfall trailheads by driving NY 22 and then NY 344, which turns into Falls Road closer to Massachusetts. After about a mile, you’ll see the Taconic State Park to the right; that's where the NY trailhead for Bash Bish Falls is. If you keep driving for another mile, you'll see that road twist and climb up. After a sharp right curve, you'll see the clearly-marked MA trailhead on your right. From parking, Bash Bish Falls can be reached by a short and easy hike. You can choose to walk either up or down. From the lower parking lot in New York, the hike is an uphill ascent less than a mile long. The route will get you to the base of the Bash Bish Falls. From the upper parking lot in Massachusetts, the hike is shorter, but still rather steep. The descent is about 0.3 miles to the base of the waterfall.

Best time to visit Bash Bish Falls

The hiking season in the Berkshires generally runs from April to November. April and May are the best months to visit Bash Bish Falls as it displays the full flow and lots of volume due to the snowmelt. In the summer, the flow can get weaker, however, it's still impressive because summers in this area are rather rainy. However, being a popular hiking destination, the area also attracts larger crowds. In the fall months, the waterfall looks beautiful thanks to the astonishing fall foliage in the mountains.

Things to do at Bash Bish Falls

Some of the best New England hiking trails are close to Bash Bish Falls State Park. You can choose between The Taconic Trail and the Mt. Washington State Forest Trail as well as many others. Nearby Mt. Everett State Reservation offers a stunning panorama of three states from the top of Mt. Everett. Guilder Pond with old pines around is also worth checking out. Swimming or rock climbing at Bash Bish Falls Park is prohibited. There have been multiple injuries and casualties in the park due to climbing and swimming accidents.

Bash Bish Falls can be easily reached from New York, Massachusetts or Connecticut. Being one of the most scenic spots in the Berkshires and surrounded by great hiking trails, it's definitely worth a visit.

Practical info

What are the dimensions and features of Bash Bish Falls that make it unique?

Bash Bish Falls towers at an impressive 200 feet, making it the tallest waterfall in Massachusetts. It has two sets of cascades that separate before descending, which characterizes its uniqueness. The falls sit against the magnificent turquoise pool of water that is surrounded by stunning scenery in the Taconic Mountains of Berkshire County. Visitors flock to see this picturesque view. Show more

What is the ideal time of year to visit Bash Bish Falls, and why?

To see Bash Bish Falls in its full flow and volume, it is best to visit during April to May after the snowmelt. During summer, the falls continue to display an impressive water flow, with plenty of rainy days to boost it more. Visitors can also enjoy the beauty of the falls during the autumn, with fall foliage adding to the panorama of the waterfall. Show more

How do visitors get to Bash Bish Falls?

Bash Bish Falls is situated in the southwestern edge of Massachusetts, near Copake, New York. Guests often take NY 22, then NY 344 that morphs into Falls Road at the Massachusetts border towards the waterfall's two trailheads. Hikers can explore either or both trailheads for a mile, with an undemanding and straightforward trail to the falls. Show more

What are the hiking trail options for visitors around Bash Bish Falls?

The area around Bash Bish Falls hosts some of the most outstanding hiking trails in New England, including the Taconic Trail and the Mt. Washington State Forest Trail. These trails offer visitors an incredible panoramic view of the lush greenery and mountains around Bash Bish Falls. A visit to Mt. Everett State Reservation is also recommended to enjoy an exceptionally awe-inspiring panorama of three states from the top of Mount Everett. Show more

Why is swimming or climbing prohibited in Bash Bish Falls Park?

Visitors to Bash Bish Falls Park are prohibited from swimming or climbing due to several accidents and injury cases linked to climbing and swimming over the years. Visitors are strongly advised to relish the beauty of the waterfall from a safe distance, with their safety being of utmost importance as the park authorities prioritize ensuring visitors' safety. Show more

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