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Best time to travel to New York State

Ithaca Falls

Plan a picnic by one of the state's best waterfalls


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Ithaca Falls is a secret 105-feet (32-m) high waterfall in the city of Ithaca, New York. It is accessible for everyone and is deemed to be one of the state’s best roadside waterfalls. Situated close to downtown and near Stewart Park, this is a great place to relax with a good book or enjoy a picnic lunch.

When is the best time to visit Ithaca Falls

Although you can visit Ithaca Falls all year round, the best time to witness this magnificent place runs between May and early October, when the waterfall is full-flowing and the temperatures are mild. Just remember that summer in the area can be quite busy.

Ithaca Falls facts

Formed in a place where Fall Creek intersects Cayuga Lake's glacial trough, Ithaca waterfall presents the last of a series of waterfalls along the hanging valley. The falls is located in an amphitheater formed by the thawing and freezing of the weak shale, making up most of the gorge walls.

Things to do at Ithaca Falls

Apart from the falls, there is a world of things to do around, such as promenading in Stuart Park or exploring Cayuga Waterfall Trail, which can be even more exciting. The splash pool below the falls is a popular spot for fly fishing.

How to get to Ithaca Falls

From downtown Ithaca, take Aurora St. north 0.7 miles (1.1 km) to Lincoln St. Turn right, then take a left onto Lake St. The falls will be on the right. You can park on the small lot adjacent to the falls or nearby city streets.

Where to stay around Ithaca Falls

If you plan to explore Ithaca and its outskirts for a couple of days, Ithaca by Firelight Camps or Shelterbelt Farm can offer the best nearby options for your budget and a comfortable rest.

Practical info

How long is the Ithaca Falls hike?

I's a 0.2-mile (0.3 km) hike

How tall is Ithaca Falls?

Ithaca Falls is 105-feet (32-m) high

Where is Ithaca Falls?

Ithaca Falls is located close to downtown Ithaca, state of New York

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