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Mossbrae Falls in California

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Best time: year round (best time: March–November)

Mossbrae Falls
Mossbrae Falls
Mossbrae Falls
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Mossbrae Falls is one of the most beautiful sites in California. It flows into the Sacramento River in the Shasta Cascade area near Dunsmuir. The falls are 50 feet (15 m) high and 175 feet (53 m) wide. The upper cascades of the waterfall are covered by lush vegetation, which makes it especially scenic.

When is best time to visit Mossbrae Falls?

The Mossbrae Falls hiking trail is at its best from March through August. However, every time of the year can be a good one to witness those graceful cascades.

Mossbrae Falls facts

Mossbrae Falls is a series of springs bursting from the cliffs and raining down into the water. It consists of two primary clusters of spring-fed waterfalls. Several springs feeding the falls and the presence of the river beneath it makes one of the prettiest sights in the Shasta region. However, getting to the falls is still dangerous and technically illegal.

How to get to Mossbrae Falls

Mossbrae Falls can be found south of the lower section of Shasta Springs. One-mile (1.6 km) long trail to the Massbrae Falls goes along the Union Pacific Railroad tracks. After a tragic accident in 2011, it was determined that the path was unsafe due to proximity to tracks, so walking there is considered trespassing. Anyway, Union Pacific and the City of Dunsmuir have agreed to find a safer route to preserve public access to Mossbrae Falls. The alternate way to the fall lies along Angel Trail and Mineral Spring Trail in Shasta Springs. These are private properties owned by white water rafting from Box Canyon Dam and Saint Germain Foundation.

Where to stay near Mossbrae Falls

The waterfall is a long drive from major cities, so if you are on a tight budget, a nice idea will be to rent a campervan to camp right at the foot of Mount Shasta. Also, south of Dunsmuir, in Castella, you'll find Castle Crags State Park, an amazing place for camping, hiking, swimming, and more.

Mossbrae Falls is definitely one of the crown jewels in the Shasta Cascade region. Although the trip can be slightly dangerous, the short hike to the falls is definitely worth the risk!

Practical info

What is Mossbrae Falls and where is it located?

Located in Shasta Cascade, Mossbrae Falls is a natural wonder that boasts a captivating 50-foot high and 175-feet wide site with lush vegetation leading to its two primary clusters of spring-fed waterfalls. Found near Dunsmuir, California, it is a must-see spot for anyone visiting the region, as the waterfalls flow into the Sacramento River, offering a picturesque sight that never disappoints. Show more

Can I visit Mossbrae Falls all year round?

You can visit Mossbrae Falls throughout the year, but it's best to go from March to November. During this time, you can hike with ease and witness their graceful cascades in safety. However, please note that the trek to the falls is technically illegal and quite risky, so it's best to exercise extreme caution while exploring the area to avoid accidents. Show more

How dangerous is the Mossbrae Falls hiking trail?

Those who decide to hike the Mossbrae Falls trail must understand that it is hazardous, considered a trespassing area, and technically illegal. While accidents have occurred in the past, two recent deaths highlight the critical issues with this site. Staying too close to the railway line is particularly dangerous, one of the many reasons why the trail must be approached with care. Show more

How can I get to Mossbrae Falls legally?

The only way to legally access Mossbrae Falls is through private land owned by white water rafting outfitters or the Saint Germain Foundation. However, it's possible to access it through Angel Trail and Mineral Spring Trail in Shasta Springs, but it's not a legal pathway. Union Pacific Railway and the City of Dunsmuir are working to create a safer route that will preserve the public's access to this beautiful waterfall. Show more

Where can I camp near Mossbrae Falls?

Renting a campervan and setting up camp at the foot of Mount Shasta is a budget-friendly way to stay near Mossbrae Falls. Castle Crags State Park, located in Castella, south of Dunsmuir, is also a good option for campers who are looking for a more established campsite. This park offers excellent opportunities for hiking, swimming, and a host of other fun outdoor activities. Show more

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