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Stewart Falls in Utah

One of the most scenic waterfalls in northern Utah

Stewart Falls
Stewart Falls

A scenic three-tier waterfall, Stewart Falls is about 60 m (200 ft) tall. Located on the east side of Mt Timpanogos, about an hour drive from Salt Lake City, the waterfall can be reached by a short but steep trail. The best time to do the hike is from mid-April through October, even though the trail is open year round. Snowshoes are recommended to hike this trail in winter. Snow stays on the trail until March or well into April.

There are a few trails to reach Stewart Falls—from Aspen Grove or the Sundance Ski Resort via Ray's Summit. Hiking from the Aspen Grove parking lot offers a more accessible route. This trail is about 6.4 km (4 mi) both ways. It goes through the pine and aspen forest and provides excellent views of the falls, especially picturesque when leaves change colors in autumn. The trail leads to an overlook with a steep descent to the falls. The hike takes up to an hour to complete. If you start from Aspen Grove, you will have to pay a $6 entry fee for a three-day pass at a tollbooth on the Alpine Scenic Loop.

The Stewart Falls trail tends to be busy on weekends, especially Saturdays. If you’re looking for some solitude, opt for mid-week. Stewart Falls is a short and not very steep hike, so it's great for all ages including children. The trail is shaded for about half the hike.

Sundance Resort offers a shorter trail from the chalets available for the guests who stay there. There is a lift to Ray’s Summit with a fare of $11 for adults.

Practical info

When is the best time to visit Stewart Falls?

It is recommended to hike to Stewart Falls from mid-April through October since it has the best weather and hiking conditions. The trail remains open year-round, but hiking in winter is possible with snowshoes. Snow lingers on the trail until March or April. Show more

Where is Stewart Falls located?

Stewart Falls is situated on the east side of Mt. Timpanogos, 60 miles south of Salt Lake City, Utah. Visitors can access the waterfall via a few trails, including from Aspen Grove, Sundance Ski Resort via Ray's Summit, or from chalets at Sundance Resort. The most accessible route to the waterfall is from the Aspen Grove parking lot trailhead. Show more

How long is the hike to Stewart Falls?

The length of the hiking trail from the Aspen Grove parking lot to Stewart Falls is about 4 miles round trip, which can take approximately an hour to complete, depending on one's hiking speed. The Sundance Resort also offers a shorter trail from chalets available to guests at $11 for adults with a chairlift for easier access to Ray's Summit. Show more

Is it necessary to pay for a three-day pass at the Alpine Scenic Loop for the Aspen Grove hike trail?

A $6 entry fee at a toll booth on the Alpine Scenic Loop is required. Visitors must pay for a three-day pass to access the Aspen Grove parking lot, where the trailhead begins. This fee applies to all vehicles parked in the lot, irrespective of the number of passengers. Visitors can purchase a pass at the tollbooth or the nearby Alpine Visitor Center. Show more

Are there any other trails available to reach Stewart Falls besides Aspen Grove and Sundance Resort?

Another way to reach Stewart Falls is via a trail from the Sundance Ski Resort through Ray's Summit, which guests can reach through the available chalets. The Sundance Resort offers a shorter trail with a chairlift to Ray's Summit, which costs $11 for adults. These are the only two trails leading to Stewart Falls. Show more

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