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Cherry Blossom in Massachusetts

Boston isn't the only place in Massachussetts where cherry-blossom culture thrives

Cherry Blossom

If you don’t feel like hyping over Boston’s trendy cherry blossoms, Massachusetts has other flowery destinations to offer.


Around 25 mi (40 km) from Boston, this formerly witchy town now has a much more positive vibe. During spring, tourists come to Salem State University to gaze at gorgeous cherry blossoms. The main cherry trees are located in front of the Sullivan building of the campus. Be sure to visit the university’s official Facebook page beforehand to make sure the place isn’t too crowded.


The city of Hopkinton hosts a unique organization called Hopkinton Stone and Garden Center. The center is both a plant store and a tree nursery, which means it’s home to young trees. Biologists take special care of all greenery, including young cherry trees. At the spot, you’ll be able to witness small sakuras before they “grow up,” so be sure to come by and enjoy your time.

Practical info

When can one see cherry blossoms in Massachusetts?

The cherry blossoms in Massachusetts can be seen blooming in the month of April. Visitors can check the official Facebook page of the destinations they are planning to visit to get the status of the blossoms. Though, one must also note that the cherry blossom season can vary depending on the weather conditions. Show more

Where are the cherry blossom trees located on the campus of Salem State University?

Tourists generally prefer visiting the cherry blossom trees located in front of the Sullivan building of the Salem State University campus. The university has other cherry blossom trees spread across the campus as well, making it easier for visitors to find trees near them. Visitors may want to avoid visiting on Sundays as it tends to be crowded with local families. Show more

What is the recommended duration of stay in Salem, and how can one travel from Boston to Salem?

Though it is feasible to see both Boston and Salem in a day, it is highly recommended to stay at Salem for at least a night to enjoy the beauty and experience the culture there. Salem is about 25 miles or 40 km from Boston. Train and bus services are available, and you can also opt to hire a car depending on your preferred mode of transportation. The estimated travel time is around an hour from Boston. Show more

What is the name of the place in Hopkinton that has a plant store and a tree nursery?

Hopkinton Stone and Garden Center is the place in Hopkinton that offers visitors a chance to see their unique collection of young cherry trees. The center's biologists take good care of these saplings, ensuring they grow up to be healthy. A must-visit destination for nature lovers and gardeners, the center also provides other planting and gardening needs. Show more

Are visitors allowed to buy cherry blossom trees at Hopkinton Stone and Garden Center?

At the Hopkinton Stone and Garden Center in Hopkinton, visitors can purchase plants and trees, including the cherry blossom trees. The on-site store offers visitors seeds, tools, and other gardening essentials. Additionally, customers can get expert opinions from the staff at the center. Cherry blossom tree enthusiasts should visit the center as it is well known for its wide variety of plants and trees. Visitors can buy and grow their cherry blossom trees at home with ease. Show more

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