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Cherry Blossoms in Florida 2024

Morikami Museum is the best place to see blooming cherry trees in The Sunshine State

Dates: early February–early April

Cherry trees are a rare sight in Florida, as the climate is too hot for them to thrive. Morikami Museum is of the few places where it's possible to see cherry trees blooming in Florida.

Taiwan flowering cherries, planted in the Japanese Gardens of the Morikami Museum, are usually in bloom in early February. It's hard to predict the exact timing because it depends on rainfall and winter temperatures, so it's advisable to call the gardens before you plan your visit. Morikami Museum also has a diverse cultural program later in the spring to celebrate Japanese culture and hanami traditions.

Morikami Museum Hatsume Fair (April 2–3, 2022, unconfirmed)

Hatsume Fair is an annual festival, which is usually held in Morikami Gardens from early to mid-April. The celebration of Japanese traditions and spring features various performances, anime fashion shows, martial arts, and a costume contest. Additionally, food trucks offer an impressive selection of Japanese food and drinks. A special sake station and a Sapporo beer garden will be offering beverages to adult guests. Morikami Garden and Museum are open from 10 am to 5 pm. General admission is $15.

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